RedCon1 MRE: Military-Inspired Meal Replacement… That Tastes GREAT

We’ve all seen meal replacement powders, but how often are they made from REAL FOOD? Ever since splashing on the scene in mid 2016, RedCon1 has been on a tear — steadily releasing new and exciting supplements each month. We’ve covered some of the highlights, including the best selling pre …
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I believe I've slept on Redcon for quite sometime. I just wish it was available local.

I cant wait for the Priceplow taste test, if it is legit, this could be the supplement I have been waiting for.

MRE's are fucking delicious. It might be one of things that popular to hate, but I love them.

Any word on when you all will have a review for this? It looks interesting especially since it comes from whole foods.