RedCon1 BOOM STICK Brings Some Serious Wood!

RedCon1 BOOM STICK Brings Some Serious Wood!

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RedCon1 is back with their natural testosterone booster Boom Stick that’s packing over 3g of D-Aspartic Acid and 3,000IU Vitamin D! Not a month goes by that we don’t see a new supplement (or two) from RedCon1. The brand has been on a mission to deliver top-notch products since day… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


It does seem like one of the nicer one natty test boosters in the market, to be fair, but it does have the potential to be something more. Some suggestions in good faith, when (if) they reformulate it, they could:
1)up the d3 to 5000, 2) add some k2, 3) go the magnesium up to 200+mgs (50%+), 4) add some serious dose B6, preferably in the pyridoxal-5-posphate form, since it can counter the possible slight prolactin rise from fenugreek and DAA 6) show the protodioscin content of the tribulus-optional (which is a good addition btw), 7) change the nettle to the potent 3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran(also a little bit higher ) and 8) the ashwagandha to the ksm-66, 9) add some 10mgs of bioavailable boron, 10) change the daa to na+ d aspartate or ca d aspartate, 11) maybe some good ol’ white button mushroom extract (Agaricus bisporus), some quality chrysin extract or some Brassaiopsis glomerulata extract (<-- better this one ) to go along with DIM (or a combination of potent natural estrogen blockers) in order to combat estrogen conversion and help further upregulate hpt axis and also synergize well with the DHEA, 12) some 200-300mgs of longkack 100:1 along with some 250mgs forskolin for StAR protein and cAMP, and we’re going to have a stellar test booster instead of a very good one! Another fantastic and never seen before idea for addition in a test booster is butea suberpa extract (in a sufficiently high dose), which will induce the 5a reductase enzyme action in order to increase DHT and also combat some of the 5ar inhibition that fenugreek and stinging nettle tend to do, plus the 5a reduced form of pregnenolone (allopreg) will greatly help with the mood and stress reduction, further improving the mood enhancement from the increased testosterone and DHT and reducing cortisol at the same time. Lastly maybe put the DHEA inside a liposome pill to greatly increase its bioavailability. The guys at redcon1 have the know-how of utilizing the liposomal techonolgy (in their cool but sadly discontinued somal andros)
p.s.1 They could optionaly add red ginseng and horny goat weed both of which help extremely with erections, sex drive and probably test also and also help strengthen the immune system-optimal for muscle growth
p.s.2 They could go the fadogia agrestis and prolensis-bulbine natalensis way but must be sure to add highish doses of mixed tocopherols vit E for balance and lipid peroxidation negation since both increase intratesticular cholesterol and lipid peroxidation in the testes.
p.s.3 the dose from 2 pils to 9 is a big step, but from 9 to 12 isn’t, so…
p.s.4 Bryonia Laciniosa or Anacyclus pyrethrum seem to increase test, libido AND muscle protein synthesis
p.s.5 some absorption enancers like bioperine, 6’,7’-Dihydroxybergamottin, narangin would be a good idea and make it far superior on a mg to mg of product basis
p.s.6 ALCAR and velvet bean extract would synergise well with the upregulation of the NMDA receptor (for the daa to work best) and the dopamine increase to counter any potential prolactin from fenugreek, but one could (should) stack this with med+kit, double tap, silencer and fade out to reap the full benefits.

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I’ve noticed this is your second in-depth critique in just a short time here, also saw your one for MedKit. Very interesting and informative input. Just curious, how’d you gather the information you’re suggesting? Personal research, or do you have a background in these types of things?


I’m a physicist by training so I kind of have some basic understanding of biology and chemistry plus I always had a strong tendency to learn about how the body works. If you add to that my personal research in order to improve my physique in the best and most scientific way possible, then I guess that this answers your question. What’s really depressing is that most supplement formulators lack basic knowledge in how to make an efficient supplement that delivers.

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Awesome, looking forward to your future input here!

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Likewise, I am looking forward to your input on other products.


I think you’re too nice here. If they have to reformulate half the product then it’s no good in your opinion lol


This one does work, its ingredients aren’t bad per say but it can become from something that works to something really awesome. For example the redcon1 youtube channel has a video where they give two of their employees boomstick for 3 weeks and they test their testosterone levels before and after administration. One has a 16% increase and the other 50something % but their starting point was low (low normal and below low normal) to begin with.
The problem with test boosters is that most fail to address the problems they are supposed to. Even the best test booster can’t increase the natural test levels beyond the high normal range of perhaps 1000 to 1100 ng/dl and the first anabolic responces of test start at 1200-1300+ ng/dl. So practically from 350 all the way up to 1000 there’s not a signifficant increase in muscle protein synthesis from test alone. Where they can help though is with fat loss, gym aggression, mood and mental energy, libido, and in some cases, if you are hypogonad but haven’t any permanent problem in your hpta axis (like <250 ng/dl test levels) they can increase the anabolism signifficantly from taking you to a healthy normal range. This suggest that they can work in some unique ways, supposing that they have a solid formula.