Redcon1 BAR Breakfast At The Ready Bars Review

Redcon1 BAR Breakfast At The Ready Bars Review

Redcon1 BAR Breakfast At The Ready Bars Review


Crunchy Cinnamon Bites – Crunchy Cinnamon Bites is a Cinnamon Toast Crunch knockoff protein bar. The bars base is consistent with each flavor on providing a bold vanilla flavor. The glaze is also a stable feature in all three bars that packs a similar punch of sweetness to enhance the bar. The cinnamon toast crunch chunks just like the other bars is there, but the flavor falls frail to a cereal standard. They do give enough punch to amplify the bar to the next level.

Fruity Cereal – The Fruity Cereal bar contains a vanilla heavy rice cereal base. When you bite into the bar you will taste chunks of fruity pebbles. These little flakes provide a sweet enhancement that elevates the overall flavor of the bar. Even with a sweet icing on top the flavor of the cereal never shined through. This tastes like a very heavy vanilla with a luscious aftertaste. I was looking for the cereal to seep through and hit my taste buds, but that was the limiting factor of this bar.

Rainbow Breakfast – Rainbow breakfast is a knockoff lucky charms flavored protein bar. Just like Fruity Cereal the base is very similar with a strong vanilla flavor. The icing is also identical to provide an extra kick of sweetness to the cereal flavor. The lucky charm pieces are large but lack flavor. The chewiness of the marshmallow inclusions are great, but they are bland and do not help the bar to any degree

Overall à The bars on their own are good, but the cereal flavoring on them needs to be improved.

Ranking of Flavors

  1. Crunchy Cinnamon Bites

  2. Rainbow Breakfast

  3. Fruity Cereal


The texture of the protein bar is very similar to a BSN Syntha 6 Crisp Bar. If you have ever had one of those it is a hybrid of a rice krispy treat and a protein bar meshed together. There is a small glaze that coats each one of these protein bars and little chunks of cereal laced throughout each bar. The bar is very soft and you can puncture it with your fingers. This makes it very easy to eat right out of the wrapper and great for those who are on the go.


190 Calories

4g Fat

20g Carbs

4g Fiber

20g Protein

This bar features a much different profile then the flagship MRE bar. This bar contains a protein blend of WPI and WPC instead of the whole food approach with beef, salmon, and egg found in the MRE Bar.


$34.99 for a box of 12.This is the retail price off the Redcon1 main webpage. As many fans know RedCon1 does a ton of sales and deals, so do not be surprised to see the price of these bars drop. You can find 20-30% discount codes and depending on the holiday or sale it may drop lower. With that said that would drop these bars to $25-28/Box which is just around $2 a bar. For an on the go snack that is a lower option then the MRE bar that is very fair on the market.

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