RedCon1 - 2 new MRE supplements are coming!

RedCon1 - 2 new MRE supplements are coming!


RedCon1 is in the process of making MRE Bars as well as a MRE Lite!

MRE Bars will be a complete meal replacement bar! It can be seen on the RedCon1 IG story of the staff taste testing some bars already! No word on the release date of the bars.

MRE Lite will be MRE just with less carbs! Will A lot less…almost completely carb free! Looks for this to be dropping in Jan 18!!


What about offering MRE in packets? It would be useful during travel…


Holy crap you guys just don’t stop!!! Just posted about Ration today:


Saw the bars in the IG story. Definitely looking forward to them!


I’m looking forward to the MRE lite. Very nice protein profile and so-far the MRE flavors have been very good.


I dont think @AaronSingerman will ever stop!


We all are! I know I am!


Won’t stop, can’t stop!

The MRE bar release date is Feb 1.

MRE lite is Jan sometime.


A box - like the old Met-rx - is something I am DEFINITELY interested in.


Are the MRE bars using the same MRE protein blend?


Two things:
One of them, my only concern with this new MRE Lite is how they’ll handle flavoring with minimal carbs to work with, but knowing R1, they’ll do a bang-up job.
And second, will the bars be available in all flavors right off the bat, or will flavors be the normal gradual release?


Just picked up a tub of MRE yesterday. Of course I didn’t click the link so I missed out on the free Mental Trigger :expressionless:

Looks like MRE will be the best Meal Replacement product on the market at this rate lol


Yes they are! Pulling protein from real whole food sources and no whey will be added!


Flavoring will be spot on. RedCon1 will not disappoint! Not sure about the available flavors off the bat…


Oh No! The Free Mental Trigger was an App special! Did you buy through the app or online? May be worth email [email protected] to see if they can honor it before they ship it out!

MRE is already the best meal replacement on the market! haha jk…but seriously!


Online :-/

Oh well nbd, I’ll try for sure


Bummer…just note that Wednesdays are (usually) app specials…so if you buy RedCon1 on Wednesdays the deals are through the free app!


The Lite looks very interesting. So I assume it will be suitable for keto diets?


Thanks but no thanks. I don’t like protein or meal replacement bars. No one ever gets them right. They all have a bad taste and / or texture. I stopped buying them this year because every time I heard how great one was, I tried it and I was greatly disappointed. So I stopped wasting my money. :slight_smile:


Powercrunch bars even?