Redcon 1 40% off at VS (Pricing Error?)

Redcon 1 40% off at VS (Pricing Error?)


MRE Bars (all flavors) – $21
MRE Lite - $25
Grunt EAA – $22
Breach – $19
Total War – $25


I’m seeing discounts, but not the same prices as you. I’m seeing 20%


Must of fixed it. There was an error by reducing 20% and then an additional 20% when checking out.


There’s an additional 15% Off sitewide through 6/24 if you order for store pick-up. It may have triggered that. They weren’t pushing that promo too hard… I only saw it atop an email the other day.


My original post was automatic 20% off with the pricing already at 20% off. It was an instant extra 20% off when you went to your cart. I saw it early, but figured they would fix it soon. If anyone got in early on the glitch it was a nice savings.


Oh I see. MRE bars would’ve been my go to. Oh well.


It’s showing up in my cart, too, AND it stacks with the 15% off coupon. I’m supposed to be saving for vacation and I don’t really need anything, but I’m not passing up $17 for a box of MRE bars, even if I do have reservations about the amino profile.


I think the glitch is back… I have MRE bars in my cart right now for $21


Ordered up Blueberry MRE bars with my wife’s bi-weekly case of Hyde. Stacked it with the promo code JUNEBOPS 15% Off order w/ store pickup.


Damn hyde is $36 a case at VS? Man that is VERY pricey.


It is… But my favorite brick and mortar store sells their cases for $23… And prosupps hasnt sent anything recently. So they’re out of stock.


You can also use Code VACATION
If you spend over $100 you get $20 off
MRE boxes drop to $17 Each