RE1GN Olympus Labs

RE1GN Olympus Labs


My second tub and this stuff is amazing. You have to power through the taste but once you get it down. wow. Yesterday I tried Arez Black and it was okay but nowhere near as strong as the Re1gn.


The pump and focus is killer for me but that StimX gives me yohimbe type effects, even at just a scoop it feels like my heart wants to jump out of my chest. Bummed, I really wanted to like it more than what I do.


I’ve been loving Re1gn lately. They had an issue with the Dragon’s Mist flavor initially (currently waiting on my replacement tub), but I also have the Area51 flavor on hand that wasn’t mixed wrong. At 1 scoop, I get nice clean energy, but at 2 scoops, energy is ramped up, endurance is great, pumps are great, etc etc. With the Dragon’s Mist flavor, I can take a mere three or four grams and the effects nearly paralyze me. The cold sweats, shaking, and whatever else happens is just far too intense. Hoping my replacement Dragon’s Mist acts like my Area51.

Have you guys tried Endur3 yet? I have Snake Venom and Tropical Thunder on hand. I’ve only tried Snake Venom, but only post workout, not intra-workout as it’s designed. Reaaally good flavor, nice replenishing type of feeling a couple hours post workout.


I Have not tried Endur. I may do Kraken next or the Bang Master Blaster. Good review on the Bang right here on Price Plow…


Really not a fan of RE1GN, like Taylor said, it’s overstimulating and not in a fun way, and I have the nastiest crashes when I take it. If I could, I’d return my tubs for Suppz credit, but they’ve been opened, so.

The new ENDUR3, on the other hand, is absolutely delicious and I’ve noticed significantly reduced soreness and recovery time since taking it.


Kraken, in my opinion, is great. Definitely weigh the scoops though because if I remember correctly, the scoops will undershoot the actual dosage.


I know what you mean by overstimulating. I wonder if more tubs than just the original Dragon’s Mist flavor were overdosed. Like I said, my Area51 hits me insanely perfect while my Dragon’s Mist obliterates me. Strange…


Feels like flu.


2 months late on this - but I just got some Re1gn on a BOGO.

Stuff is pretty legit. I hear it hits some people really well and others not so well. The focus was perfect. I would recommend people try this, but only if you have a clean history with the ingredients.