Raze Energy Apollo Review

Repp Sports Raze Energy Apollo Review


Apollo – Going into this flavor I had no idea what to expect. Upon the first sip you get a strong cherry flavor that hits your taste buds. As the flavor lingers into the aftertaste this starts to enhance as you find a blue raspberry, mango, and subtle strawberry taste. To what exactly this flavor is I can’t put my name on it, but it has a berry melody with other enhancing fruity flavors. I like it because it is not very heavily carbonated and provides a unique flavor that leaves a consumer not knowing what to expect. For some that is a gamble, but Raze is very well known for making a good tasting energy drink. I would rank this top 3 behind Galaxy Burst and Sour Gummy Worms, and highly suggest giving it a try.


~300mg Caffeine

Hydration Matrix – Taurine & Potassium Citrate

Performance Blend – Betaine (Hydration & Cellular Concentration)

LCLT (Recovery)

BCAA’s (Additional Free Form Amino Acids)

Focus Matrix – L-Tyrosine, Choline, Alpha GPC (Nootropics for cognitive enhancement and mental clarity)


The prices on REPP Sports Raze energy drink will vary depending on promotion. These retail at $30 for a case of 12. I have seen them drop to 20-30% off from time to time. Therefore it would make them $21-24/Case of 12 cans. When you break down the cost per can it can come out to around $1.75/Can, which is very reasonable on the energy drink market. If you want to wait to try these in a local B&M you may pay upward to $3 a can before investing in cases.


  1. Sour Gummy Worms

  2. Galaxy Burst

  3. Apollo

  4. Phantom Freeze

  5. Grape Bubblegum

  6. Guava Mango

  7. Watermelon Frost

  8. Strawberry Colada

Comparing other energy drinks

If you favor pure flavor à Bang

If you favor a coffee replacement, afternoon get me up, and well-rounded energy drink à C4 Carbonated

If you favor pure energy and focus à Hyde Power Potion

If you favor a strong long lasting energy drink à Repp Sports Raze

If you favor a fully-fledged pre-workout carbonated beverage à C4 Ultimate Carbonated


Good one, Bob. I can always count on your reviews to influence my purchases for these new RTDs.

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