Quest Nutrition Sold for $1 Billion. One Simple Question Here.

Quest Nutrition Sold for $1 Billion. One Simple Question Here.

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It’s been widely reported that Quest Nutrition has been sold to Simply Good Foods Co, the makers of Atkins Bars, for $1 Billion.[1] One simple question about Quest We just have one quick question for you regarding this valuation: How much do you think this company would be worth had… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

Wasn’t it the court ruled that it wasn’t a fiber, then they changed their label? If they had it as a fiber while it was still in a gray area, I don’t fault them that much


it would be worth the same… cuz 99.9999999999% of their customer base has no idea what that is, nor do they care.


Hard to say if their revenue numbers aren’t public. Hopefully there’s no layoffs or rough transitions for the affected employers.

Yeah, nail on the head here. Statistically, no one at all gives even one shit.

That’s a pun, see.


They also probably weren’t trying to prep for a show and use these as a protein/fiber source for their macros/meal plans.

View these as a treat or don’t play the “net carb” game and there’s no issue (outside of digestion for some).


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