Quest Nutrition Cookies Review

Quest Nutrition Protein Cookie Review


Peanut Butter – While I am a peanut butter fiend this was one of the least enjoyable of all the cookies on the Quest cookie line. The peanut butter flavor is great, but the creaminess or saltiness associated with peanut butter is lost. The cookie is moist just like what you would expect which is a plus. The downside is it is missing two vital elements to create a great peanut butter flavor.

Double Chocolate Chip – The double chocolate chip was a good cookie that was similar to the regular chocolate chip. The only place it fell short was the boldness of the chocolate in the actual cookie. The flavor just was not strong enough to really separate itself from the original or oatmeal raisin. The chocolate chip inclusion helped amplify the chocolate flavor, but for a double chocolate chip it just needed more.

Chocolate Chip – This is almost identical to a regular chocolate chip cookie. The baked cookie has a soft consistency that breaks in your fingers. The cookie has a slightly butter undertone with rich chocolate chips. This was one of their best flavors. Simple but executed well.

Oatmeal Raisin - My personal favorite of all the flavors. The density of the oatmeal shines in the cookie. There is just the right amount of raisins to give it an extra kick of sweetness. With how soft the cookies are it really remind you of a fresh baked oatmeal raisin cookie out of a bakery. This one was fantastic, but I am partial to oatmeal raisin, so this one really hit home!


Out of the wrapper you can tell these are baked cookies. Most protein cookies on the market are glorified circular protein bars. These have a different texture and feel to them to resemble a real cookie. What I do like is they are a bit rougher then most cookies, which you can puncture with your hand. This gives you the chew of a true cookie while not being hard as a rock like some protein bars can be. The texture is just right to give you the best replication of a cookie.


14-17g Fat
18-25g Carbs
15g Protein
9g Fiber

Protein → Milk protein isolate and whey protein isolate. The inclusion of butter may turn some people off, but this helps the texture and consistency of the product. The soluble corn fiber (when quest made the change to use this in their bars) won some customers and lost some. I find these cookies settle much easier then a lot of their protein bars do. The best part is there is only 1gof sugar in the cookies.


You can get a box of 12 cookies for around $20-24 depending on the website and sale being ran at the time. If you are a cookie fan this is good alternative to buying the real thing. I personally enjoy the texture compared to most cookies on the market from other companies. The flavoring is good, and the price is reasonable. I would rank these the best cookies out there on the market. I personally am not a fan of Len & Larry, and these edge out MuscleTech and Prosupps.