Quest Nutrition Cinnamon Roll Bar Review (New & Improved Formula)

Quest Nutrition Cinnamon Roll Bar Review (New & Improved Formula)

Quest Nutrition Cinnamon Roll Protein Bar Review


Cinnamon Roll -

This is the new and improved Cinnamon Roll Quest Bar. The new bar contains chunk inclusions, more cinnamon roll flavor, and a drizzled topping. The bar base provides a subtle buttery undertone like a fresh-baked cinnamon roll that is enhanced by the cinnamon flavor. Where the bar really shines Is the icing glaze and chunk inclusions. The glaze on top packs a luscious sweetness that resembles a vanilla icing. The chunks to me formed a slight glaze on the inside. This is nothing like the chunks you would get from Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough or Cookies and cream. The inner glaze resembles a light caramel glaze which actually works with the bar base and icing. All in all Cinnamon Roll was not even a top 10 flavor for me in the past, but with the upgrades, it does crack my top 5. Great job Quest on improving upon the past.


Out of the wrapper, you can notice the bar has the usual quest bar texture with the added flakiness from the chunks included on the inside and outside of the bar. Right out of the wrapper the bar had a soft texture, which was an issue with some of the original formula bars that got hard very quick. Overall I found this easy to eat right out of the wrapper and it did not need to be microwaved or broiled. I could puncture the outer layer with my finger.


6g Fat

23g Carbs

20g Protein

15g Fiber

4g Net Carbs

The two newest bars (Doughnut and Cinnamon Roll) are naturally flavored. Not only has this pleased a large portion of the quest community, but the general supplement consumer as a whole. It makes them digest easier (for myself) and many others.


A Box of 12 Quest Bars retails for about $24-26 making it right around 2$ a bar. If you pop into a local mom and pop you may spend upward to $2.50-$3 a bar. Buying in bulk is usually the way to go for the best bang for your buck. Quest does run sales through multiple vendors over time where you can see bars dip below $20 a box, this is a great time to stock up on a new flavor and some of your other favorites from the brand.

Quest Rankings

** The original Cinnamon Roll was not even a top 10 flavor for me, so this was a huge improvement

  1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

  2. Cookies & Cream

  3. Mocha Chocolate Chip (I am very partial to coffee as I am a huge fan of it)

  4. Cinnamon Roll (NEW)

  5. Blueberry Muffin

  6. Apple Pie

  7. Double Chocolate Chunk

  8. Chocolate Brownie

  9. S’mores

  10. Chocolate PB

Didn’t the old formula have IMO fiber vs soluble corn?

IIRC (Could be wrong)
OG formula came out (IMO Fiber)
Reformulated in 2015 (Soluble Corn) <---- This reformulation I am talking about
Then reformulated them again due to some negative feedback on being very firm and the taste was off
Now Quest has come out with 2 bars stevia flavored (Doughnut and this improved Cinnamon Roll)

Again not 100% Certain, but I know they have tweaked things multiple times over the years.

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Careful talking about digestion around here, apparently that makes you a snowflake

If I eat or consume things and they do not settle I will make it apparent. A lot of bars very heavy in sugar alcohols leave my stomach ripped to shreds. Some people can handle then, some can’t. This is a big reason why I stick to Outright bars (whole food based).

In a world of guys trying to be Alpha-males in the gym and on social media, it’s comical to see them be “knocked-out” by four to eight grams of sugar alcohol. IMO