Quest Nutrition Chocolate Hazelnut Protein Bar Review

Quest Nutrition Chocolate Hazelnut Protein Bar Review

Quest Nutrition Chocolate Hazelnut Protein Bar Review


Chocolate Hazelnut - When the words chocolate hazelnut come together the first thing that pops in my head is nutella. The base of the bar resembles double chocolate chunk which provides a dense semi-sweet chocolate flavor. Inside the bar is added chocolate chips, which enhance the bold chocolate flavor. Lastly, the bar includes hazelnuts to provide a crunchy aspect to provide enhanced texture to the soft protein bar. Overall this doesnt taste like nutella, but every element included is accounted for and true to its name. I am not huge on nuts in protein bars, but Quest nailed what they were going for.


Out of the wrapper you can notice the bar has the usual quest bar texture with the added flakiness from the mix-ins included inside and outside of the bar. Since quest moved back to the original formulation the bar is much softer then the previous corn syrup model. Not to mention these digest much easier and are not hard as rocks.


8g Fat
23g Carbs
20g Protein
14g Fiber

When Quest went back to their original formula not only has this pleased a large portion of the quest community, but the general supplement consumer as a whole. It makes them digest easier (for myself) and many others. This is a unique flavor that you do not see much of on the market, and they did a good job when you try and manipulate a chocolate hazelnut flavor.


Quest retails for about $20-$24 making it right around 2$ a bar. If you were to buy a single bar off the main quest website it would be around 2.39$ per bar. Buying in bulk saves you around 40 cents a bar, but all in all if on sale its pretty cost effective for 12 bars for around 20$. When you factor in flavor, and factor in good calories for less than 200 calories a bar it’s a pretty nice convenient investment. Keep an eye out because you can see box’s drop as cheap as $14-16 which is a great time to stock up.

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