Quest Nutrition Caramel Chocolate Chunk Protein Bar

Quest Nutrition Caramel Chocolate Chunk Protein Bar Review


Caramel Chocolate Chunk –

This protein bar is a spin-off of one of Quest’s long-term flavors double chocolate chunk. The double chocolate chunk is highly overlooked on Quest’s lineup. This bar is a bit different with chocolate chunks and caramel ribbons laced throughout the bar. The caramel is soft, gooey, and packs a luscious buttery flavor that strikes a perfect balance. When paired with the rich cocoa double chocolate chunks it gives you a great one two-compliment punch. The dense cocoa flavor meets a sweet caramel to give you the best of both worlds. I also picked up on small krispies that were sporadic throughout the center of the bar. The additional crunch was a warm welcome to an incredibly soft bar. Overall this is yet another great flavor to the Quest lineup.


Out of the wrapper, you can notice the bar has a very soft quest bar texture with the added flakiness from the Krispies laced throughout the bar. The bar was softer than a majority of the other flavors. I was very pleased with this texture and flavor of this bar as it ranks higher on the list of all-time quest flavors.


190 Calories

7g Fat

23g Carbs

20g Protein

15g Fiber

This bar is flavored with Stevia and Sucralose. The flavoring was great and there was no bitterness associated with the added Stevia that I picked up on.


Quest retails for about $24 a box making it right around $2 a bar. If you were to buy a single bar off the main quest website it would be around $2.39 per bar. Buying in bulk saves you around 40 cents a bar, but all in all, if on sale it’s pretty cost-effective for 12 bars for around $16-20. When you factor in flavor, and factor in good calories for less than 200 calories a bar it’s a convenient investment.

Quest Rankings

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  2. Cookies & Cream

  3. Mocha Chocolate Chip

  4. Caramel Chocolate Chunk

  5. Apple Pie

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  7. Chocolate Covered Doughnut

  8. Double Chocolate Chunk

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