Quest Chips: Loaded Taco Review

Quest Chips: Loaded Taco Review

Quest Nutrition Loaded Taco Chips Review


Loaded Taco –

Quest Chips are an awesome snack and loaded taco is yet another great addition to the lineup. Right, when you bite into the chip you get the paprika and mild spicy undertone to enhance the chips. At no point did I feel these were too spicy to turn consumers away, but it provides a good picture of a true taco. There are subtle hints of taco seasoning (green bell pepper, tomato, and garlic) to enhance the flavor. While it would be impossible to provide a lettuce flavor as seen on the front of the picture you do get as good of a replica as you can to a taco for a low-calorie snack. I personally would like the spices a bit heavier, but I could see that being a downfall for the general population. These are deadly good, and most people will fly through a bag in no time.


The Chips are very fragile but still hold their composure even when shipped. There will be some that are broken into smaller shards, but that is almost impossible when they are going across the country. The chips are coated with seasoning and flavoring to resemble the flavor on the front of the package. They are very slim yet hold a good composure to resemble a triangle tortilla chip.


Calories - 140

5g Fat

5g Carbs

19g Protein

Protein Blend – (Milk Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Isolate)

Corn Starch, Physillum Husk

Spices – Onion powder, tomato powder, garlic powder, green bell pepper, paprika, spice, chai seed, turmeric


Quest Chips are around $20 a box, which yields 8 bags of chips. You can find some good deals on them from time to time. Currently, I see them on sale around $16 making them at $2 a bag. For a very portable, convenient, and on the go option that is a very good deal. These chips are tasty and will be gone in the blink of an eyebrow.