Quest Birthday Cake Bar Review

Quest Birthday Cake Bar Review


Quest Birthday Cake Bar


“Birthday Cake Flavored Coated Protein Bar”. Quest has been one of the most known companies on the protein bar market, but are late to the game on a Birthday Cake flavored bar. Quest has only coated their pumpkin bar in the past which was easily their worst flavor ever created, but this one was much better. The coating is basically a vanilla glaze similar to what you would find in the vanilla caramel hero bar. The coating congeals together with the birthday cake flavored bar. The bar itself tastes very artificial, and has no resemblance of a vanilla cake flavor (like all birthday cake flavored products). Quest bars are on the harder side out of the wrapper compared to a one bar, fit elite, or fitjoy bar. Overall the One bar is still king, but then again most of them taste identical with such a small variance.

Grade: 5/10

5g Fat
25g Carbs
21g Protein
14g Fiber

Ranking of Birthday Cake Bars
1.Oh Yeah One Bar
2.NitroTech Crunch
3. Fitjoy
4. Combat Crunch
5. FitCrunch
6. Quest
7. FitElite