QUANTUMiND: An Energy Nootropic for a Quantum State of Mind

Originally published at: QUANTUMiND: An Energy Nootropic for a Quantum State of Mind

Last year was a major breakout year for nootropics, as brands brought many products that have re-defined the industry of cognitive-enhancing supplementation. Cutting edge ingredients once found only on obscure websites are now hitting the mainstream thanks to the growing use and research into nootropics. The brand Filtered Formulas is… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

Ok 6 capsule at around 2$ a serving, depending on if you buy it on sale or not

B12, always good, and no risk of too much, approved

Normal ALA
This should be sodium R ala for this price

Unstandardised ashwagandha

nothing much to say

A bit much for a nootropic in my opinion

Good ingredient, bad dose, this works better in a powdered supplement.

Unstandardised panax ginseng
Another disapproval

Green tea
Fine, not sure what its really adding though

Hordenine and PEA
Might give some good energy, but I’m not sure the combo is going to beat a higher grade PEA.

The good dose given that this ingredient is usually skimmed on

Don’t know enough about it to comment

L theanine
Good, smooth the edge a bit

L tyrosine
Just taking up space in my opinion, make a powdered supplement if you want to put amino acids in it.

honestly 125 mg is pretty meh for A GPC

Overall it is a potentially ok energy pill with some meh nootropic doses, and a ton of, in my opinion, low quality filler priced at a high premium with a 6 capsule dose.


Essentially mirrored my thoughts, except I appreciate below-average choline dosages, I can’t handle the “standard” doses. I feel incredible for 2-3 days and then it’s straight to immense brain fog and depression.

/r/Nootropics told me to try out microdosing at 20-50mg/day, but I don’t trust my scale to be that sensitive, and I can’t find such low doses in capsule form :frowning:

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Try a lower dosed DMAE like this one


Or maybe one capsule of legion’s ascend which would give 75 CDP and 75 A-GPC

Or zenwises bio edge at one cap for 37.5 mg a gpc

Finally you could just do 2 capsules a week instead of 1 a day.

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