Purge Sports Riptx(Purple Haze) Review

Not being able to workout/cardio due to injury I gained significant amount of weight & fat % not tracking macros. Dropping my caloric intake down to 1400 didn’t seem to work & my metabolism got shot. So i was in the market looking for a Fat Burner that would not leave me feeling nauseous & dizzy all day. So a friend who works at VitaminShoppe she recommended OEP a decade back suggested I try Purge Sports Riptx. I’ve never heard of this company & its fairly new on the market with some great supplements.

RiptX has primarily been designed to “put fat cells in its sights and focus on long-term fat loss”. As well as helping out in that area, the supplement is also said to provide increased and clean energy, enhanced mental focus, and metabolism support :+ 1:

As a dietary supplement, mix 1 ultra-concentrated scoop (5.5g) of Purge RIPTX into 10-12fl.oz. of cold water and enjoy for an invigorating energy and metabolic boost. On training days, take 30-45 minutes prior to exercise. On non-training days, take one serving in the morning. Do not take prior to bedtime.



  • No need for coffee this baby provides long lasting energy throughout the day
  • Funnel Scooper & dosage per serving are on point (5.5-5.8 grams)
  • Works very well maybe too well
  • Works up quite a sweat, your heart rate maybe at resting but your shirt will be soaked (keep extra shirts if your working in a office)
  • Purple Haze tastes like grape juice/soda, 9.5/10 on mixabilty
  • Doesn’t push your heart rate up


  • That first 20 minutes you do feel the alpha yohimbine, So if your really sensitive I’d start out with half scoops, but its gone within the hour
  • If you’re taking this on a empty stomach first thing in the morning, stay near a toilet!! This will make you go to the restroom & have diarrhea(pissing out your ass) this side effect seems to only happen within the first two hours

Overall this supplement has worked well for me. 1 scoop a day & I’ve lost 10lbs first two weeks & two pant sizes down. I feel good through out the day with no crashing or tiredness from a workout. This 5.8 ounce product can be found at a price range $30-$45. For Stim-free people they do have ThermX.
Mike if you get a chance you def need to get your hands on this! It might make its way to a top 10 list.


Purge is imo the best line from MuscleSport. Their flavoring is also usually really good.



Great review and like you I have never heard of this. How was your caloric intake when you started running it, since 1400 a day did not work for you? Was it fairly reasonable? Great job on losing 10 pounds, that is awesome. And I love Purple Haze taste, so this sounds delicious.

was able to bump my caloric intake to 1600( 40-50 net carbs 75g protein 100g fats) while getting back into fullbody calisthenics 3x per week & light cardio 7x7

Couple things I love:
BOTH forms of carnitine. LCLT and Acetyl. Absolutely love that.

GBB is one of my favorite ingredients. Glad you like the sweating

@Mike will agree with this: IODINE underrated and much needed

I love higenamine due to its bronchodilator effects

And if flavor is really that good, imma have to try some!


I swear, amongst a dozen other problems, this country is low-level iodine deficient.

Lots of boxes checked on this one!

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