Pumpkin Pie Flavored Protein 🎃 | NutraBio Classic Whey Review

Pumpkin Pie Flavored Protein 🎃 | NutraBio Classic Whey Review

Robert and CJ take down the seasonal NutraBio Classic Whey PUMPKIN PIE flavor!

Easily CJ’s best thumbnail ever. LOL!

Comment from Mike: Stuff is awesome and I was bummed to have to give them this tub to review, could have easily annihilated it myself and not told anyone (to NutraBio’s dismay, of course). Perfect dash of nutmeg added!


Great and comical review. Love the thumbnail lol.

Tempted to grab a 1lb of this now. I love pumpkin pie flavor, but can never get through a full 2-5lb tub of it without getting sick of it. Decisions, decisions.

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By far my favorite thumbnail I have made lol. Lucky for me Glazier didn’t want to kill me lmao


Glazier loved it!!! He shared it before even seeing that the review was positive!!

@Extrabeef’s lookin good with the elf hat too, lol


I had to surrender this tub to the boys for that review, but personally I easily could have murdered 1lb of it.

Most seasonal flavors are too over the top in some way where you get annoyed. Not this one.


This is so incredibly true. That’s why I typically avoid these types of seasonal or holiday flavor. Have never had a great experience with any of them. This one may be the exception and may be worth the try then. NutraBio would be the company to pull it off. Haven’t been blown away by any of their flavors but they have always been pretty good and never unpleasant in any way.


I guess some days I do feel like Santa’s helper around here…

Glad you liked the flavor guys!


It was pretty epic my friend, sorry about the elf hat… lmao


Yeah, I try to make sure people realize that with NutraBio you’re never going to see 600mg of sucralose alongside even more Ace-K. I don’t even want to know what’s in some of the products we’ve tested over the years…


lmao I took more offense to your comment on the podcast with robert when he was like “Ben’s 3 times my size” and you said it’s hard to be 3 times his size lol #bigorexia

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I like the sounds of it. Definitely very tempted to grab a 1 or 2lber now. It is payday this Friday… Hmm…

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hahaha I had to come to terms with my little guy genetics. We can’t all be muscle monsters like yourself! I need one of those UFC style face off pictures with you one of these days. And then a Mortal Kombat face off one with Glazier lmao

This has to happen!


Pumpkin Spice is the best :slight_smile:


This stuff would have to be really good to be better than MTS Whey Pumpkin Pie. That flavor is good.