Proven EAA Review- Blueberry Acai

Proven EAA Review- Blueberry Acai

Honestly, prior to this I’ve never tried any Gaspari products, so going in I wasn’t really sure to expect. I’ve heard good things about Size On in the past, and Proven Egg more recently, but they just haven’t been on my radar for whatever reason to this point.

First off wanted to note I really like the look of the label. Nothing overly flashy, just a really clean look.

They have a nice profile here for an EAA product. 6 grams of BCAAs at a 4:1:1 ratio which I’m a fan of, I’ll always take the additional Leucine with no complaints. Also a big dose of 3 grams of the 6 other EAAs compared to other similar products on the market. I personally find it annoying when companies put out ‘EAA’ products that contain less than 1 gram of EAAs or are missing 1 or more of the EAAs. I (and I’m assuming a large portion of people) take these type of products intra workout, so the 600mg hydration blend is a welcomed addition, and is something I personally look for when seeking out something to take intra workout.

For my initial taste test I used 10 oz of water as recommended on the label. There was some slight foaming as you can see, but that did settle after a couple minutes. No mixability issues other than that.

They used all natural coloring from fruit juice powder, and still pulled off a really appealing blue color here.

As far as taste goes, Gaspari hit this one out of the park. I’ve seen blueberry flavors quite often in protein powders and bars, but I don’t recall seeing many blueberry flavored amino products. Being a big blueberry fan I was very interested and seeing how it would turn out. The blueberry flavor is dominate, with a nice hint of Acai in the aftertaste. It is on the stronger side a 10 oz, but in my opinion the flavor really shines in ~24oz of water. The flavor still holds up, albeit slightly lighter, and is just extremely refreshing. I have used this for 3 workouts now, and have found myself finishing my drink earlier than I typically would. If you are a blueberry fan you need to get on this asap!

I wanted to also add the wife test- my wife is much more difficult to appease when it comes to supplement flavoring. There are only a few particular flavors from certain companies that she enjoys, and she has hated essentially every blueberry pastry/cobbler/muffin flavored product that she has tried to this point. She actually enjoyed this and was of a fan of the acai aftertaste. She said it was “unique and refreshing" and that she would “definitely drink that again” which is pretty big coming from her.

It isn’t necessarily a huge deal with an EAA product, but I wanted to note that the scoop size is dead on. I just purchased a new and popular pre workout, and the scoop size was off by 50%, so while it is something I often take for granted, I wanted to give Gaspari credit for being spot on here.

This product is very reasonably priced. I’ve seen this for $30 at some retailers online, which is a great deal for 30 serving,.especially considering the profile and flavoring.

So to wrap things up- when it comes to supplements one of the biggest compliments I can give is by saying a product is something I would purchase again. I like trying new things and with how many new products are coming out on a weekly basis, I have to really enjoy something in order to keep going back to it. Proven EAA is a product I plan going back to for sure and it has really put Gaspari on my radar going forward. A couple other products of theirs I’m already eyeing are GlycoFuse and Proven Egg. If you are looking for an affordable EAA product with legitimate dosing of aminos, an added hydration complex, and top notch flavoring I would strongly recommend this product.

Big shout out to @Dougefresh93 for sending this out! I really appreciate it and I’m looking forward to seeing what else Gaspari has in the pipeline.


awesome review, appreciate the time and detail, the wife test is always a big deal.


Absolutely. I never know with her and she doesn’t hold back

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To this day, the only protein my wife has liked is Xtend Pro Chocolate…


challenge accepted.

i’ll have a package out to you this week.

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I wanna do this for my future reviews, I have to ask my girlfriend to test stuff! Then you get two opinions!

Good review though @tmotes!


Just got a pack in from them, excited to try it out!

Thanks for the review man!

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Sounds familiar. Mine only likes the Merica Labz protein and I think they only reason is because of the inclusions :joy:


Hm I’ve never found a protein my gf likes either. May have to give Xtend a go in that case


I appreciate it man. Yeah I like to do it considering she has a totally different perspective. The amount of products she actually likes are honestly few and far between, so when she likes something I know it is legit and probably something most everyone will enjoy considering how particular she is

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The wife test is huge! Excellent job reviewing, my friend. Big release for us and so glad that you’re a fan.


It’s the “Honey Test.” We use it in the legal field too. You got to make sure your “honey” likes it and understands it!

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I think the real test here is the pronunciation of Acai…




@Matt_Towson yes, yes, and yes. Pickiest consumer demographic

@SteelerBill13 I think one needs to move to Los Angeles to truly know the pronunciation


Or here in the San Francisco area.

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my condolences