Protein Bar Giveaway

Protein Bar Giveaway


Round 2:

This time I have a: Ronnie Coleman King Crunch Bar (chocolate brownie), a MRE Bar (blueberry cobbler), and a Animal Snak Bar (Peanut Butter Honey and Oats).

Comment for a chance to win and winners will be chosen at random at the end of the week. Comments that provide “lol” factor may receive a double entry.
; )


Different MRE :wink:


Snak Bars and MRE Bars are both good (I would put Animal Snak above it for flavor and price). Heard good things about the King Bar, but have not seen many reviews.
What did you think!? @Matt_Towson


Been wanting to try that MRE bar!


King Crunch Bar tastes nearly identical to SinFit! It’s just a smaller less caloric version.

I know you’re a fan of SinFit so I think you will really like it. The PB flavor is almost indistinguishable from SinFit PB flavor. King Crunch is much more crunchy though!


Perfect answer . Appreciate the honest feedback


I feel bad now for throwing out a lot of bars I bought over time. I could have gave them away here.


Sure thing! I’ve got a chocolate SinFit bar in my pantry (yet to try this flavor or of SinFit) but I’ll eat it in the next day or so and compare it to the king Crunch chocolate flavor.


That’s my favorite Snak bar. All are damn good but that one has the best balance.


Yo Matt I’m in! Thanks man


I’m in as well, I’ve only had the Choco Chip MRE bar, which is pretty great.


I’m in for the one that sounds like a video game boss


I’d like to get it on this too. Have been meaning to try the MRE bars


A soldier

The King

An Animal

Eat one, sell one, give one away

And GO!


Anyone win?


Picked at the end of this week.


This is hard to look at as a Christian! I feel worse for smiling when I saw it. ; )


I’ve heard great things about all of these! Would love to try them out!


“Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” IS a complete sentence, replybot.


So, what’s your opinion on ingroup bias? :stuck_out_tongue: