PROMO - Nutrabio EAA Energy Beta Giveaway

Emailed! Thanks so much Kon and NutraBio!!

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Yeah buddy, spreading the goodness :slight_smile:

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Damn, thats awesome, congrats everyone! Let me know how it is!

Cherry Limeade!!!

Dammit, I’m a couple days late

Thank you to @Kon_Rock for the care package that arrived today from this thread!

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Awesome man, looking forward to what you think :slight_smile:

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Guy this has closed, If you didn’t send in your info within a few days, you missed out.

We don’t have any left.

Received my care package as well on Saturday. Huge thanks to @Kon_Rock!

Unfortunately I won’t have a review up until around this time next week since I’ll be on vacation tomorrow - Sunday, but I did already try the Strawberry Lemon Bomb EAA Alpha and my fiance tried the Raspberry Lemonade EAA Energy… We loved both! They both tasted exactly as expected, with EAA Alpha being more lemon with a hint of strawberry (22oz water) and raspberry lemonade I believe she said was spot on flavor wise at 8oz water. The effects of both were great. I used EAA Alpha as an intra (as I have been with my personal tubs) and she used EAA Energy as a pre-workout since she didn’t want to be stim bombed. Amazing stuff!

I’ll have a full review with pics up next week. :slight_smile:


Awesome man, glad you got it and let me know when you get that up :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting me know buddy!

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Well hopefully I got you my info in time, if not no worries! Once I receive mine I will happily be posting here.

My review is coming! Sorry it’s late. I had my first test of EAA Energy yesterday. I think I watered it down too much at 16oz. I wanted to see what 16oz tasted like because the more water I can use the better, but I will try 10-12oz tonight or over the weekend sometime for further testing. :slight_smile:

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Sounds good man, thanks for the update!!!

Just a quick update after my use of the sample Alpha EAA packet that I received.

Used yesterday afternoon in between my weight lifting session in the early afternoon and my LISS cardio in the early evening. Taken on a mostly empty stomach with my last solid food meal being about 18 hours prior.

Mixed with 12 ounces of water in a standard blender bottle without a blender ball. In terms of mixability, there was only slight foam (as seen in the picture). There was a small amount of debris left on the walls and bottom of the bottle after mixing.

Flavor was heavily weighted towards the strawberry with only a slight citrus taste towards to end. For me, it was enjoyable from the beginning to end. When watered down, the citrus disappeared but a pleasant strawberry flavor still remained.

As for the effects, was able to motor through the LISS cardio session without issue or slowing down. No problem multi-tasking with reading while walking on the treadmill. Felt good when the session was over as well.

The last piece of information I will include is something that @Mike mentioned during his video review of this product. While I have only used this product once, I did experience some odd and rather vivid dreams last night. Mike mentioned that it might have something to do with the choline taken later in the day.

In the end, this appears to be another solid product from the @NutraBio team, even though I have only used it just once. The flavor is something enjoyable and slightly different from others on the market; and I know the formula is well thought out and top notch “Without Compromise” in terms of quality.

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Awesome man, thanks!!!


Received another unexpected care package from @NutraBio today!

Thank you guys :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::muscle::muscle:


The Good sutff man, enjoy it :slight_smile:

My review is up at last! NutraBio EAA Energy - The Review!

@Kon_Rock are you guys going to be launching either the cherry limeade or blue raspberry for the intra? Need a break from the orange mango

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