PROMO Nutrabio Dragonfruit Candy PRE & IntraBlast

PROMO Nutrabio Dragonfruit Candy PRE & IntraBlast

We have just released our BRAND NEW Flavor


In PRE and IntraBlast

I have some samples of this AMAZING flavor in both PRE and IntraBlast for you try.

How to Enter:

Tell me if you have used PRE and/or IntraBlast before & What you like most about these 2 products, from looking at the profile.


Age +18
USA Only (48 Continental States)
Must Post a Forum Review


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I would be real curious to try this flavor out!


  • I have used this on and off for years. The last version I had was a 5 serving sample which I believe was V4. The last tub I ran was about 2 years ago, and am unsure what version that was.
  • What I like most: Fully transparent label, clinically dosed ingredients (Beta alanine, betaine), different types of caffeine and it is not over the top, and I love the fact that electrolytes are there because you can never get too much hydration!!


  • This is my actually my favorite Intra workout drink! Last time I ran this was in 2017 (man time flies). You can see my review on SR Here
  • What I like most: The hydration aspect. This sets it apart from all other intra’s for me. The 10g of BCAA/EAA is great as well.

I may be new here to PricePlow, but I am not new to reviewing supplements. I just spent all my time on SR which you can find I have a ton of reviews there under the same name. I will happily post a forum review if I am chosen. Thanks for doing this!!


Awesome man, you’re gonna like this flavor for sure :slight_smile:

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I have used both PRE and intrablast before.

PRE is still my gold standard for a product that does not contain any exotic stims. If money was no issue, PRE would be the only product I would buy and use in this category. I workout about 12-15 hours after my last meal and PRE has everything I need to crush my workout and has never caused me any issues when it comes to my stomach or post-workout. I like how everything included in PRE (including the kitchen sink) is there for a reason and backed up by science.

For intrabast, I have only used this product a few times in the form of sample packets that I received from the PricePlow website (both the regular and natural versions). I like how NutraBio was providing a complete EAA product quietly with this before all the hype hit the market about BCAA vs EAA. In terms of the results with the product itself, there is no question this extends your endurance and output for as long as I have ever needed without needing to intake solid food. I have used this intra-workout when my pre is not as complete as NutraBio PRE. My preferred way to use Intrablast though is during a round of golf. Since I don’t eat before hand, I need a product that provides me with fuel, energy, hydration and focus. I will start with a scoop before the round in 32 ounces of water and sip on it the entire day. Sometimes if I am feeling run down after nine holes, I will through in another serving (or half serving) at the turn to get through the rest of the day. I have especially found this effective when it is really hot outside and I am standing in the sun for multiple hours. Never had a hydration issue on the course when taking this.

From a consumer standpoint, I am thrilled to see that Intrablast is a 30 serving tub (at almost 25g per serving). I think many other companies who created a product like this would go the 20 serving route. I only wish PRE was also available in a 30 serving or more container.

Thank you

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I’ve never used the PRE or IntraBlast from NutraBio but would love to give em a shot. If they’re anything like the Strawberry Ice Cream Isolate, I’m sure I’ll really enjoy them! Definitely would be willing to write up a review if I got some. Thanks for running the promo and look forward to seeing who gets chosen!


I’ve tried both the Pre and Intra in several flavors. Of course, love them both.

Big fan of the pump matrix. I’ve always get some of my nastiest pumps on this product. A killer dose of citrulline plus added nitrosigine with a dose of agmatine? Pumps for days.

Love getting more betaine of course, but the hydration and electrolyte blend is what I’m really a fan of. That taurine intra-workout really helps with water based pumps that extends the pumps I get from the Pre.

Love these promo’s, thanks guys!




Message me your complete shipping info and I’ll get these right out to you.

Please remember to post a forum review and tag me :slight_smile:

Thanks guys and get ready we are just starting and SO MUCH MORE to come!!!


Awesome, time to get on that dragonfruit train!!! Looking forward to more exciting events!!

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Yeah buddy, this flavor is amazing and you are gonna defiantly want to “turn those notifications on”


The focus elements of the pre worked were great. They didn’t leave me feeling overly stimmed like certain pre’s these days that leave me questioning if I might as well have just took a hit of something and got the same affect for a cheaper price :joy::joy::joy:.

I’ve tried the Intra, but I won’t lie about the profile just for the sake of winning. It was just an overall good tasting thing to drink for me, I believe I had sweet tea and the green apple, and when properly measured water wise, I enjoyed them.


Still taking entrants?


Can’t wait to try these out! Really appreciate these opportunities!


Thank you! Sending info now.

NutraBio x PricePlow = Dream Team :smiley:

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Thanks guys, I have all info in and these will go out today!

Be sure to post your reviews and tag me :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks again guys, looking forward to what you think!!!


Any chance this could be offered as a stack on NutraBio or exclusive to forums? I’ve gone through tubs of both Intra and Pre but am still working on a single BCAA tub for over a year now.

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I’m currently taking Ghost Size each day pre/intra workout. Do you recommend I stop taking that while trying out the PRE & IntraBlast? I noticed that the PRE has about 3.5g of creating if I am reading the label correctly.

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You mean this…

Use Code DAWN3 to save even more on it :wink:


Yes, please do.

And you are correct 3.5gm of creatine

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That minus the BCAA is what I meant. Only Pre and Intra. I don’t want to waste a product that I would hardly use. Or add Dragon Fruit to the Core Results Stack.

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If you order the Core stack, send me the order. Umber and I’ll get those flavor switched for you!! We are having IT add those but it’ll be no problem to change that for you!

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