Proccor Vitapro Review

This is a review for Proccor’s new powdered multi-vitamin “Vitapro.” I bought this with my own money, so I have no agenda here.

On the surface it looks like another powdered form multivitamin. The label reads, “Complete Multi Vitamin & Mineral Complex, Fully Bioactive Co-Enzymed Vitamin & Mineral Forms with Vitacholine & CoQ10.” Blah blah - what’s in it and is it worth my money. In a short answer, yes, but judge for yourself.

I generally like to try new multi-vitamins with good ingredient profiles, because sadly there are so many poor supplements in the multivitamin category.

What struck my interest with VitaPro was the one-billion added enzymes and probiotics, added minerals, added CoQ10 and the zero artificial flavors, colors, and dyes.

I like to supplement with a digestive enzymes “greens” powder (SAN Green Supreme Fusion) in the morning, coupled with a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar blended with some water and squeezed lemon (to negate the vinegar taste). I stir it up and drink it, to get my punch of vitamins and enzymes for the first half of the day. The idea of getting a supplement that could combine 2-3 products is VERY appealing to me, especially since a tub of 60 servings of Vitapro is only $32.00 right now on Proccor’s website.

Vitamin/Mineral Content: 10/10
Glancing at the profile, you can see it packs a competitive amount of necessary vitamins. All your bases are covered here. Hopefully if you’re reading this, you don’t need to be reminded of the importance of getting a sufficient amount of vitamins if you aren’t getting them from your foods. Notice in this product, it does contain Vitamin B3 as Niacin.

The label warns that it may cause a slight “flush” effect. For those not familiar with the “Niacin Flush” it is a very mild redness and flushness people often get. I noticed the effect slightly, but I like it. Overall, the Vitamin and Mineral content is top notch and covers every base you could hope for in a multivitamin product. The added Calcium, Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc, Potassium, Chromium, etc… make this a fantastic blend of minerals to go along with the robust vitamin profile.

Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes and : 9/10
I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I notice a great reaction when I supplement with gut health supplements. I need to cycle these types of products in order to maximize their benefits and not risk getting over-saturated. Many probiotic products contain only a couple/few different types of biotics. Vitapro has 11, evenly split without any one hogging the share of the one-billion. I won’t bore you by naming each of the 11, but they are listed on the label.

The Enzyme blends are pretty robust as well. This contains Protease 4.5 and Protease 6.0. What the heck are those? “Proteases include both endo-peptidases and exo-peptidases. Endo-peptidases break the internal bonds of a protein and produce shorter peptide fragments. Exo-peptidases break the terminal bonds and release free amino acids . . .” (Enzyme Education Institute). Basically, these work together to aid in the digestion of the various types of protein we eat. Proteolytic breakdown can be difficult for those of us who eat large quantities of meat and this can definitely aid to ensure the meats you eat get broken down and used properly. Not to be left out, Vitapro contain Lipase which aids in the breakdown of fats, Amylase which aids in the breakdown of starches, and Invertase which splits Sucrose into Glucose and Fructose. Further, Vitapro adds a fair amount of CoQ10 with 10mg. CoQ10 is an important coenzyme which aids in allowing our bodies to produce energy for cell growth and cell maintenance. As we age, this becomes increasingly more important to monitor.

Taste/Mix-ability: 9/10
This tastes good for being free of artificial flavors, dyes or colors. The mix-ability is easy. There is no clumping at all and it mixed within seconds of stirring. The tint is orange (imagine that?). The trend for drinking multivitamins versus swallowing pills is over-hyped in my opinion, but I prefer powder over pills. The tub recommends mixing 1 scoop with 4-5oz of cold water. 1 scoop = 1 serving.

Overall: 9/10
For the money, this is a great option. I can cut down on other supplement costs and get 60 servings of Vitapro for $32.00. I end up saving money by switching to this. I am certainly not a huge supplement advocate and believe you can obtain every necessary nutrient via food. However, it is comforting to know your bases are covered by taking a quality product like this. If you currently use a multivitamin, I would highly recommend giving this one a try.


First big issue I have with this product is it says the blend of probiotics is 1 billion units, yet if you go down the list, most say they’re over 2 billion. If you add up each individual one, it’s over 20 billion. I’m curious which is correct.

Personally, I wouldn’t get something with carb divesting enzymes. If you break down your carbs faster, you’d spike blood sugar, and thus insulin, more.

They advertise having “fully activated co-enzymes vitamin forms” but the majority actually aren’t.

I’m kind of curious how one “feels” a detox.

Over-saturated on probiotics you mean? I don’t think that’s a thing. If you take “too much” probiotics, they’ll just stop sticking, from my understanding. When you say you cycle to maximize benefits, are you noticing a difference when you take time off? I’m curious how that would really help.

Let me hit a few of your points.

  1. “How one feels a detox.” Do you ever take apple cider vinegar and get a quick head rush / headache after 10-20min? From my understanding, that can be your brain filtering toxins. It’s a noticable feeling and I can’t tell whether that is what a detox “feels like,” but I think it’s as close as you could get within a short time frame. I could very well be wrong there.

  2. Oversaturating probiotics/probiotics can leave me feeling gassy and bloated. Plain and simple - but again I’m speaking from my personal experience. Any stimulus or supplements introduced to the body will generally cause the body to make adaptations. I feel it is healthy to reset and not “force feed” the body supplements without taking a break. Plain and simple, let the body reset to its baseline levels across the board. Then when I reintroduce the product, its effect seems more potent.

  3. These views are simply my opinions.

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If blood sugar levels and insulin spikes concern you, you can always add slower digesting fiberous food or fats with your meal to slow down digestion/absorption.

We all have different approaches I suppose. I eat broccoli and a high fat / moderate protein breakfast and lunch for those very reasons. Generally I don’t eat carbs until after I workout. Personal preference.

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We appreciate the thorough Review Matt!


You are correct, this was a typographical error under the “1 Billion” on the label that has been corrected since Matt’s order went out. The strains/order of strains etc is still all correct. We have the 25billion probiotics / serving in our Performance SuperGreens and the typo went onto this as they were being ran at the same time. Again, it has been relabeled since Matt’s order went out, and updated on our website.

If you’d like to try a sample shoot us a PM and i’ll make sure it goes out to you asap.


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That’s why I made sure to include “personally” when talking about the digestive enzymes. Anyway, thank you for clarification. I’m just skeptical that it would be possible to actually feel detoxification, however I’m not sure what would be giving you the feeling from that, so you may have a better explanation than I do.

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I assumed one or the other was a typo. So the true amount is 25 billion?

Do you know what’s going on with the advertised “co-enzymed” vitamins, when most actually aren’t? If you’re only referring to methylcobalamin and P5P, you should probably clarify that on the front of the packaging.

Hi Jeremy,

The amount is 1billion as stated in the header of that column in the supplement facts and everywhere else on the packaging. The order/type of strains is correct, the amounts next to the strains that totaled 25b instead of the 1b stated in the heading were the typographical error which has since been corrected.

Yes, the co enzymated are those B vitamins while the rest as well as the Albion TRAACS Minerals are in their respective bio available forms. The side of our packaging states co enzymated as well as bio avilable vitamins & the most bio available minerals (TRAACS).

I hope that helps and if i can help with anything else please let me know!

As I mentioned, using the word detox was likely not the best word choice. I’ll change that - but I feel bad for the people who will read these comments after the revision. Hah.

I think you may have misunderstood what I was saying. Unless labeled incorrectly, most of your B vitamins are not included in coenzyme form.

Hello Jeremy,

I did understand what you mean and it is labeled correctly. In my previous response to your reply i stated that yes, those are the co enzymated vitamins, while others are in their respective bio available forms and the minerals in their most bio available forms available (Albion TRAACS Gold Medallion Certified) (i.e. a mixture of co enzymated and bio available forms across the vitamins/minerals). This is stated on the side of the bottle (i’m guessing you do not have one in front of you for reference as it is not confusing when read).

I’m going off the pictures posted here. Are these incorrect?

I was already sold on this since I like the brand. But this review is helpful with the flavor opinion. Many thanks.

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Saw this on stack3d and thought to give it a try. Looks solid as you’ll get for that price

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You bet. For the price, it’s definetly a bargain.