Probiotic/Greens Discussion

Curious to gauge anyone’s thoughts…

The last 3 months or so, I’ve priced some bloat and GI distress when using greens with pre/pro biotics and digestive enzymes.

Anyone has similar experience? I’m no expert in this department. Curious to hear what @Mike might think…

That’s usually gut bacteria not being used to processing it. Lowering the dose might help with the gi issues.

I use probiotics and greens in a seasonal / specific situations (eg when anyone in the family goes on antibiotics, they get a probiotic alongside and for the next few weeks). Never had any bloat but it makes sense that you have some biochemical reactions going on that are producing various gases that will hopefully come out :stuck_out_tongue:

Doing any better now?

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The only one to really do that to me lately is the Ghost Greens, which is a shame cause I loved the taste. Caused mostly GI distress rather than bloating, but other ones I have had since, Gaspari’s Proven Greens and Glaxon Super Greens have been just fine.

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You tried the beam samples I sent you yes?

oh yeah duh forgot about those as well… yeah no issues with Beam Greens either!

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Same here - ghost greens is giving me fits.

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No issue with Ghost or BEAM from me. Enjoy both.
Chocolate BEAM is my favorite flavored greens on the market IMO
Tastes like Yahoo Chocolate milk