Primeval Labs Whey Cookies and Cream

Was a little disappointed since the label stated It included sandwich cookie pieces, but they’re more like grains. Overall it’s a good tasting protein, but very skewed to the “cream” side. Taste similar the filling of an Oreo, instead of an actual Oreo. Still have yet to find a true c&c flavor.


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RIP OG Spartan Whey, CnC.

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Beverly CnC is still king imo for CnC
Just so expensive

100% Agree

Been wanting to try this one, but never find a good deal.

Beverly never discounts, but it is 100% my all time favorite CnC

Ronnie Coleman signature series cookies n cream is amazing. To me it’s on point of the actual flavor

Same here.

Though I’m eyeing Primeval and Core Pro’s offerings as potential challengers :eyes: .

I would also think Patriot’s Whey Double Stuffed might be a contender to consider.

Just from trying most of the isolit line. The density of flavoring from Primeval to Beverly is night and day difference. I personally don’t see it coming close, but I could be wrong. The way Beverly can make their CNC Taste like an oreo milkshake is gamechanging.

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I considered it a while ago, but many of the reviews I saw said it was so-so. Gonna need more than that to dethrone Beverly :smile:

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Tried it , was ok. I prefer their s’mores


Agree 100% to that statement. I like their s’mores, but it is expensive for their brand.

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