Primeval Labs Neanderthal -- Unleash your Inner Man Beast

Originally published at: Primeval Labs Neanderthal — Unleash your Inner Man Beast

Primeval Labs looks to revolution the natural testosterone booster market with Neanderthal, a powered test booster packing 11 ingredients. All too often, natural testosterone boosters are just a joke — sadly there’s no other way to put it. Most formulas on the market are poorly formulated or underdosed, and it’s… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

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Wanted to let everyone know that I started taking this a couple days ago.

  • The tub weight came dead on (I videotaped it) at 321g, so that was good
  • The taste is good but not great. I’m happy given that it’s got a bunch of nasties in it (3g each of DAA and Maca)
  • It requires some swirling as sediment drops to the bottom
  • Just now realized I don’t need to add my extra 5000IU of Vitamin D. Nice.

A Primeval Fertility Supplement?!

This may sound ridiculous, but without a doubt, I would give this to any guy who’s trying to conceive with his lady. Maca and DAA are two things I suggest for that anyway.

Been a while since I’ve taken DAA, kinda excited for 2 weeks from now.

I won’t be doing blood tests. Too busy. I’m really using this as more of a kick in the pants that I wanted.

I just ordered this buy 1 get 1 from A1 supplements. I hope it works well…

@rye @Mike how has this gone for you guys ?

HEHE, “a kick in the pants”

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Honestly, I never finished the tub. Just couldn’t look forward to drinking it, and it was when life hadn’t yet ‘settled’ and I wasn’t training consistently again.

I could give it a go and finish the tub but it was painful to keep in my stack on a regular basis. Unless they fix the flavoring, which would be hard, I’d rather take a large number of pills.


I didn’t think it was half bad, I enjoyed it way more than MTS Barracuda

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Such a high standard when it comes to Primeval products though - the flavoring is really off the charts…

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It was ok bill. I had a hard time with the flavor as well. I did finish two tubs over time . I sometimes mixed it with my protein. You do get a libido shot from it, overall I think that is it though.

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Thank you Rye

Dear God that flavor…ok a little dramatic…but I get it…I can’t drink it…Lord knows I tried.

I thought it wasn’t too bad. Wayyyyyg better than MTS Barracuda

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Never tried Barracuda. But I tried mixing it with EAA Max…just to flavor it a little…oh boy…

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Taste is tolerable but nothing to write home about. What I do appreciate is the recent batch I received mixes wayyyyy better than the original batch from late last year. That one left tons of grit in my shaker.

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