Primeval Labs Neanderthal -- Unleash your Inner Man Beast

Primeval Labs Neanderthal -- Unleash your Inner Man Beast


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Primeval Labs looks to revolution the natural testosterone booster market with Neanderthal, a powered test booster packing 11 ingredients. All too often, natural testosterone boosters are just a joke — sadly there’s no other way to put it. Most formulas on the market are poorly formulated or underdosed, and it’s… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Wanted to let everyone know that I started taking this a couple days ago.

  • The tub weight came dead on (I videotaped it) at 321g, so that was good
  • The taste is good but not great. I’m happy given that it’s got a bunch of nasties in it (3g each of DAA and Maca)
  • It requires some swirling as sediment drops to the bottom
  • Just now realized I don’t need to add my extra 5000IU of Vitamin D. Nice.

A Primeval Fertility Supplement?!

This may sound ridiculous, but without a doubt, I would give this to any guy who’s trying to conceive with his lady. Maca and DAA are two things I suggest for that anyway.

Been a while since I’ve taken DAA, kinda excited for 2 weeks from now.

I won’t be doing blood tests. Too busy. I’m really using this as more of a kick in the pants that I wanted.


I just ordered this buy 1 get 1 from A1 supplements. I hope it works well…


@rye @Mike how has this gone for you guys ?


HEHE, “a kick in the pants”


Honestly, I never finished the tub. Just couldn’t look forward to drinking it, and it was when life hadn’t yet ‘settled’ and I wasn’t training consistently again.

I could give it a go and finish the tub but it was painful to keep in my stack on a regular basis. Unless they fix the flavoring, which would be hard, I’d rather take a large number of pills.


I didn’t think it was half bad, I enjoyed it way more than MTS Barracuda


Such a high standard when it comes to Primeval products though - the flavoring is really off the charts…


It was ok bill. I had a hard time with the flavor as well. I did finish two tubs over time . I sometimes mixed it with my protein. You do get a libido shot from it, overall I think that is it though.


Thank you Rye


Dear God that flavor…ok a little dramatic…but I get it…I can’t drink it…Lord knows I tried.


I thought it wasn’t too bad. Wayyyyyg better than MTS Barracuda


Never tried Barracuda. But I tried mixing it with EAA Max…just to flavor it a little…oh boy…


Taste is tolerable but nothing to write home about. What I do appreciate is the recent batch I received mixes wayyyyy better than the original batch from late last year. That one left tons of grit in my shaker.