Primeval Labs Megapre BOGO on A1

Primeval Labs Megapre BOGO on A1



I will be reviewing this next week!


I’ll look forward to it! I stan hard for Primeval lately, but I do have to admit that I think VasoMax is a better pump/noot formula at a look.


Primeval is on top of their game with flavoring, and I respect their fully open labels on their products in very nice doses. Never judge a product by its look becuase as we know everyone responds differently to products. no supplement works the same for everyone. I personally did not get as much out of Vasomax as I expected.


Oh absolutely, that’s why I said “at a look.” I’ve had prop blends that obviously had at least a couple of pixie-dusted ingredients hit me harder and have better noticeable effects than some other “clinical” pres. Different manufacturers have different ingredient sources and extracts which leads to different feels.