Primeval Labs Mega Pre - free bottle

Primeval Labs Mega Pre - free bottle


The flavor isn’t for me, so if anyone wants an unopened bottle of Mega Pre, it’s yours if you pay for the shipping.


How do you know the flavor isn’t for you if it’s unopened?


Ill pay for the shipping, message me


Could have been a BOGO that A1 usually runs


That confused me as well


I bought the BOGO special from A1 Supplements. Opened one. Tasted like crap, so I didn’t open the other one.

Sorry for the confusion.


No worries! Just confused a little was all


What flavor was it anyway?


I’m down to pay for the shipping. What do I need to do?


Guessing I’m late to the party but here’s a like for the generosity!


Pineapple mango.

Someone has already claimed the stuff. Thanks for the responses.


No wonder you gave it away :stuck_out_tongue: .


how much is the shipping?


Useful link for those of us with a printer but no access to a USPS discount:

Best way to go is usually USPS on stuff around a pound. Then just tape it up and drop it into a box and no need to deal with waiting in line

If it’s 13oz or under then you can really get it cheap. No way Mega Pre is that light though!