Primeval Labs Mega Pre Black Review

Primeval Labs Mega Pre Black Review


Gummy Bear - This was a very refreshing version of the candy. Right off the bat, the density of the flavor is strong in the initial taste. As the flavor runs down your taste buds the aftertaste is where the sweetness picks up. I never once felt this was overly sweet, but just the right amount to truly enjoy the flavoring and make it nice to sip on. With Primeval Labs they are so good at flavor you will never have to shotgun or chug your pre-workout. They find a great way to flavor any formula on their product line.


Sometimes pump products that contain ingredients that attract heat and moisture can clump very easy. To my surprise when I mixed up mega pre black I had no issues. I used 2 scoops (1 serving) in 14-16oz of water. I prefer to dilute my supplements and I still found the flavor to be strong and refreshing. If you were to use 8-10oz as suggested on the label you should have no problems. A good trick is to mix the night before when I train early in the AM, so that leaves no floaties in my shaker bottle.


Per (2 Scoops):

6g Citrulline (Pump / Prevent Lactic Acid Build up / Performance)

2.5 Betaine (Cellular Electrolyte Concentration, Hydration)

2g Choline (Nootropic to aid focus/mood)

325mg Dynamine (Enhance Caffeine Half-Life)

325mg Caffeine (Stimulant)

300mg L-Norvaline (NO Enhancer)

150mg ElevATP (Increase ATP Levels)

68mg Di-Caffeine Malate (Prolonged Stimulant)

50mg N-Methyltyramine Hydrochloride (Bonus Stimulant enhances fight or flight syndrome)

50mg Hordenine (Cognitive Enhancer and Mood Boost)

100mcg Toothed Clubmoss (nootropic to aid focus)


This product may run for $50 on their main webpage, but they always have 25-35% off coupon codes. I have seen it on BOGO and 25% off as an intro sale on another new webpage. This is one of the most cost effective pre-workouts when on sale. You have to remember what you are getting in this product is fully transparent and dosed very high. Primeval Labs is no stranger to great tasting and well-dosed products. IF you are on the market for a heavy hitter, you will want to invest in this product.


-Price on sale is a very good buy

  • Open Label

  • Strong and refreshing flavor

  • Well dosed


  • May be too strong at 2 scoops for some

I’m running the Island Candy Cocktail right now.

Just a question on the Huperzine A. So if it’s standardized for 1%, does that mean 2 scoops gives you 1mcg of Huperzine?

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Yes it does

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Yep! It sure does!

EDIT: @Christianmelon answered it already. Must have typed it while I was responding!


Great review as always, Bob.

I gotta say, after finally trying Mega Pre Black, I am very impressed with it. Seriously smooth, good energy. Both flavors (lemon, pink starburst) are great too. I’d rank this right behind Re1gn which is my top pre. I’d almost put MPB as #1 but in a different category - smooth energy, where Re1gn is stim bomb energy.

Overall really happy with it in all regards. If I had to compare it to something, I’d say it gives smooth, strong energy similar to NutraBio’s PRE.

Let’s just say, pair MPB with an SNS Vaso6 tab (300mg), and it’s literally top tier. :wink:


So I have MegaPre Black, and admittedly only used it once. I’m all over Ghost right now and because I’m a bit superstitious, afraid to switch. But may need to give it a shot here soon.

Definitely give it another shot, Bill. I’d say anywhere from 1.5-2 scoops will give you a solid workout.

My fiance said, at 1.5 scoops, for her, the focus was so intense that she had a hard time NOT focusing and actually thinking. She’s also the girl who can’t sleep at night with 50-100mg of caffeine past 5pm lol.

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I absolutely will…

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So… underdosed? I always thought huperzine needed to be around 50-200mcg? Unless I’m making a glaring mistake

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Huh, seems so, unless they misprinted the listing.