Primeval Labs Mega Pre BLACK | Ingredient Explainer

Good product…

This stuff is amazing. Seriously every workout I have with it has been consistently fantastic. Loving the explainer video and blog post.

Right now, RE1GN/I Am Supreme is my favorite exotic pre, but Mega Pre Black is easily my favorite all around pre. I’m shocked I’m even saying that because RE1GN has been my #1 for half the year.

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Interesting. Re1gn was my absolute go-to and I adored it. Used it daily. Just couldn’t stand the taste, even alternating between two flavors. Absolute shame.

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Totally hear you there on the RE1GN flavors. They’re either a quick chug or dry scoop + chase with water for me. The second iteration of Area51 (the most hated original flavor) was actually really good though.

Forgot to say also, stacking 300mg Vaso6 with Mega Pre Black is pure gold. I will say, MPB has an odd effect where I hardly ever feel a kick from it. The stuff comes on so smooth and natural without any jitters of any sort for me which I love. That’s at full dose/2 scoops.



Off the top of your head, out of all the Mega Pre Black ingredients, would you say any might cause dizziness, nausea, any other sort of “vomit-y” feelings? My fiance took a scoop and a half (she’s used to stims… I thought) two times. The first time, she complained of “feeling weird” and “not being able to focus right”, post workout. This time, the same symptoms, but ended up looking like a zombie and vomiting up her entire breakfast, post workout. Something doesn’t sit right for her with MPB, so I’m curious if you (or anyone that wants to chime in!) have any thoughts. Dynamine possibly? This is the only pre she’s ever taken that has it.

Also of note, she takes a full scoop of C4 Ultimate like a champ, is generally fine on 1.5 scoops of RE1GN, etc. This isn’t her first rodeo with a high stim.

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Have you ever considered that it is NOT an active ingredient? People tend to overlook the “other ingredients” section

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