Primeval Labs IsoLit

Primeval Labs IsoLit


I just tried the new Isolate protein by Primeval Labs…IsoLit. I got the cocoa mint chip flavor. I mixed it with water. I have to say…Wow, its good. It tastes like a melted Andes mint. A different taste than MTS mint cookies and cream to be honest. Both are the best for sure. This is better than BSN’s cold stone mint. I am not sure which I like better this or MTS. I think they are equals. You wont be disappointed in this flavor.


I have read/heard really good things about the taste. Fitness Deal News loves it.


Yeah, I would like to try the orange creamsicle. I love Dymatize version of the orange creamsicle. Mint chocolate is my go to flavor so I tried it first. But it does have an Andes mint taste where as MTS Mint cookies and cream is more like mint chocolate chip ice cream. Both are real good!


I’ve beem eye balling the Orange Creamsicle flavor…


Yeah, that is the one I would try second after the mint.


Has anyone else tried any of the Isolit flavors? I’m now between Dymatize Orange (love it) or giving this a shot.


I have the cocoa mint chip and I love it. Tastes like a melted Andes mint.