Primeval Labs Intracell 7 Now with EAAs!

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Primeval Labs was one of the biggest movers in the supplement industry during 2017, as recapped here. Primeval’s Monster 2017 Continues in 2018… with More EAAs Let’s count the ways. Primeval Labs has completely overhauled their best-selling intra workout Intracell 7 to now include all the essential amino acids (EAAs).… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

Here’s what I’m sharing to social media. What’s up Jerry!

Curious about the EAA blend doses. What’s the beef with Jerry? must have missed that episode

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Nothing at all from my perspective! Of the videos I’ve seen from him, I love them.

CJ had one video disagreeing with his stance on basketball of all things, but Jerry is “BIOS3 Training” and this product is originally BIOS3 Intracell 7 and still says BIOS3 on the tub.

His little head down there is my fun little tribute to him. Hope it didn’t come off wrong!

haha! I guess I (wrongfully) assume that those little comments are usually pokes. With his super stance on BCAAs and EAAs, I figured there may have been beef.

That basketball disagreement was pretty funny.

This Jerry? This is the only video I’ve seen of him, and in it, he’s about a step and a half beyond retarded. I can’t take him seriously. I’ll have to check out CJ’s video.

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Honestly… Jerry is kind of a douche. He has a lot of videos where all he does is bash people and acts like he does no wrong. His videos contradict one another bad. He will post a video about something and a week later, post another video that contradicts what he said in the previous video. I have called him out many times on this but he never responds. Plus he thinks he is the know it all in fitness and that his opinion is the only right one and everyone else is wrong. I have zero tolerance for “know it alls”
He actually said basketball wasn’t cardio one time. He truly is an idiot if he thinks its not. I used to like his videos a couple years ago but they have gotten to the point of almost unwatchable now. I would never take fitness advice from this guy.

All that said I do really like the product. The new version.

And the ‘beef’ was Jerry saying basketball wasn’t cardio…