Primeval Labs Intracell 7 Black

Primeval Labs Intracell 7 Black

Primeval Labs Intracell 7 Black


Orange Sherbet - Orange Sherbet in IntraCell7 Black tastes identical to eating orange sherbet from the grocery store. If you ever had this flavor in EAA Max it is very similar in taste. The only deviance is the larger ingredient profile with more raw materials makes the flavor a touch harder to flavor. The flavoring of this product took me by surprise when I first had it in EAA max as it rose my eyebrows as to how strong and dense it truly was. The richness of the orange flavor has that luscious aftertaste to replicate a frozen dessert. Job very well done by the Primeval Labs team.


With 17-32g of Actives ingredients depending if you one or two scoop the intra-workout product there can be residue or clumping. Primeval Labs continues to impress me as I have yet to have an issue with any of their products. After a few shakes there was minimal foam and the product mixed with ease. Even with HBCD and Carb10 and Glycerol the mixing was very good. Great job as expected by Primeval.


Per Scop:

40 Calories – 9g Carbs

Electrolytes (Aid Performance)

2.5g BCAA’s

410mg of EAA’s

10g Carbohydate Blend (Cluster Dextrin, ModCarb, Palatinose, and pea sourced Carb10.)

1g Taurine (Performance, Hydration, Recovery)

500mg Glycerol Powder (Increase Blood Flow, NO Enhancement)

127mg Vasodrive-AP (promoting greater vasodilation, blood flow, and PUMPS)

How does it differ from IntraCell7 (White)

Intracell7 Black has :

  • A higher fully Disclosed EAA Formula (5.82g Aminos vs 4.8g)

  • Electrolyte Blend

  • Four Trademarked Carbohydrates (additional ModCarb, and Carb10)

  • Vasodrive AP instead of Agmatine for Pumps


There are 40 Servings at 1 Scoop and 20 Servings at 2 Scoops per container. The price Direct is $50, but that can be heavily reduced with a 25% off athlete coupon, and depending on what other deals they run to stack on top of that. You could get this for $25-30 a tub, which is extremely cost effective given the profile. Keep an eye out on Instagram and other social media networks as Primeval is always highlighting coupon codes and deals

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