Prime Nutrition Shares Acquired by Jared Wheat

It’s been an extremely dramatic few months for Prime Nutrition, but that’s all about to come to a smooth landing and happy ending thanks to supplement industry baron Jared Wheat, owner of the Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals empire. Today, it was announced that Jared Wheat has bought controlling shares of Prime Nutrition, …
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This will be a good move forward for the Prime Nutrition Brand. Jared does wonders with his companies and this one should be no different.

Hello guys, just an FYI, I am exploring all my options, and will make the best decision I can in the coming weeks on what to do next.

John Meadows

Hey John, thanks! I'll update the post.

thank you sir.


Can you sue PJ Braun for Defamation?


Um...Jared Wheat has been convicted and done JAIL TIME for criminal activity in the supplement industry? What part of that are you missing Collin Gray???