Primal Protein Bars

Primal Protein Bars


Has anyone tried these protein bars Primal by Cave Man ? I don’t like normal protein bars. They all have either a horrible texture that you just and chew and chew and/or the taste is bad, and a lot of them are very high in carbs. These seem more like jerky or meat, which I prefer. Below is a link to their site…


Very interesting…definitely seems like a jerky type snack.


I’ve seen them at Vitamin Shoppe but haven’t pulled the trigger because I’m not into that type of jerky/meat bar. They look decent enough though so I may pick some up next time.


I prefer to eat jerky, nuts, and cheese for protein snacks over the traditional protein bars. I just can’t stomach those bars… Terrible…LOL


@Brawn No love for hard-boiled eggs?

You just like munchin’ on dem nuts?


I eat a lot of scrambled and fried eggs so I don’t really crave hard boiled eggs but they are good too…:slight_smile:
Muchin on the nuts…LOL


Primal Bars are alright, if you like cold moist chicken. My personal fav and recommendation is Epic Bar or Tanka Bars. Epic Bars are nothing but goodness, and what’s not to love about the almighty bison? Arguably one of the best protein sources in North America.

Epic Bar

They also carry salmon, lamb, venison (eating one right now for breakfast with some hardboiled eggs, guac and coffee).


Thanks for the input. I never heard of the Epic bar.


Not a problem! I will admit the texture takes a bit getting used to, think 2-3 bars at first, but then you won’t be able to get enough. I take them backpacking in Glacier National Park every year, provides super clean energy and protein!