PricePlow Gear

PricePlow Gear


How do we get our hands on some PricePlow gear? I really want a shirt!


I’m pretty sure you have to workout with CJ…pronounce really complex ingredients with Robert and change diapers with Mike…It’s really simple actually…

*honestly good question


Thanks for your interest @MMarquez661!

Two different spots:

  1. has a few links to our Amazon shirt listings. It uses the “Merch by Amazon” program where they print and ship it for ya

  2. SquadLocker has the good stuff, but more expensive and slower shipping -

The backward hat I’ve been wearing is the Under Armour one with PRICEPLOW customized as my name on the back. CJ of course put “YOUTUBER” lol


Honestly think need to have a contest of some sort “Hint Hint” Maybe like a winner or two gets a Price Plow shirt. "Hint Hint "


That’s how I got my shirt!


[sassy clapping emojis] price plow blender bottles