Priceplow app?!

Priceplow app?!


I heard mike talking about this in a video and it would be awesome if it happened! Any news mike?


He’s been “talking about it” for a while now. Hope it happens. Would probably help streamline some stuff I’m sure.


Pieces are coming together on the back-end.

If you go to a brand page such as you’ll see a few “news feeds” there now. This is our way of pulling the ‘ecosystem’ together, and would contribute to Push Notifications for those who are interested in those brands and those kinds of alerts.

We’ll have it all open via the API… so “all we have to do” is pull it into an app.

Doing this for category pages too, as we speak.

Not an app developer, but I’ll then be on the hunt for some after mocking up some wireframes.

This forum has some app tools as well, so we’d love to get that integrated into a forum area.

Maybe I should set a deadline. I’ve been slammed with stuff and still need to figure out where my time is best spent.


Thanks for the update! Patiently waiting! :blush: