Pre Workout Clumping Issues

This seemed to be a hot topic when I posted about the clumping issues with my Dymatize Pre Workout. There are a couple easy fixes…

  1. Place container in the freezer for 24 hours. Remove it and let it warm to warm temperature and then shake it like crazy. This may not get all the clumps but will make it much better.
  2. Put the supplement into a blender (may need a knife to break up if its real bad) and then turn on blender (short bursts at first) and blend till powder form. This works instantly.

Tips to help prevent clumping.

  1. Keep the silica gel in the container.
  2. Keep the product in a cool, dry place. Some use a refrigerator.
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I’ve always wondered about refrigerating supplements. Like for instance, Rubix by Myoblox says to refrigerate after opening. Does this effect the quality of any other supplements? The Rubix works great, so it’s obviously ok for it

I have a tub of alpha amino and it’s clumped so bad. Gonna try what you said with it lol.

Wish I knew about this before I received my first tub…
Used a knife to break the clumps but pierced through the silica gel :confused:

But the rep team is generous af!! Sent me 4 tubs of it… PWO for dayssss :star_struck:


4 tubs???