Pre with Nitrates and Alpha GPC

Pre with Nitrates and Alpha GPC

Hey guys.

Does anyone know if there is a stim based pre that contains nitrates and alpha gpc (apart from C4 Ultimate and Ghost CG3)


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Could always find a solid pre with Alpha GPC and add VasoBlitz?

C4 ultimate is awesome but I prefer a tad more nitrates Muscle&Strength has a solid C4 Ultimate sale going now.

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The new MFit has AGPC as does Legion Pulse…

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Legion doesn’t have nitrates. Would be pretty costly to add a nitrate non-stim to a $40 pre-workout


Yep. VasoBlitz stacked with a low cost pre is a great option.

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Think 60 servings of Pump Mode (NO3-T & Hydromax) is like $28 on bb dot com.


Better off buying Purus Labs Noxygen or Noxygen caps for cheaper. Or even Cellucor NO3 Chrome


NoOxygen is $20 for 40 servings NO3 Chrome is $20 for 30 servings (ish)

And pump mode is 1000 mg of NO3, I believe the others are 500.

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buy 1 get 1 free NO3 Chrome
60 Servings for $20


I was right :grin:

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