Pre-Series Bulk - Interesting results

So after perusing the internets and seeing some reviews on PP - I thought I would give Pre-Series Bulk a shot.

Here’s why. I had been using MegaPre for the past month or so and really liked it. What I was missing from it was well…Stims and endurance. PP posts an article recently on Taurine and how it can help with endurance and well…I’m sold.

Why do you need endurance Bill? Well…because for the past couple of months I’ve been doing AthleanX and love it. As some of you know - it includes some serious metcon (Metabolic conditioning for those of you scoring at home - or elsewhere).

For example Monday was back and bi’s - and was called an Xtinction (see what they did there) workout. Example: 4 back exercises followed by bicep exercises that ask you to for example ‘train to failure’…rest 20 seconds and repeat. Until you can’t do more than say 5 reps…then on to the next exercise.

Still with me? Good. The reason I mention this is that half way through my training session when I should be gassed I felt great. Not stimmed out great - but my strength endurance was kinda crazy (insert millennial hip word if you don’t know what I mean). It was as if I could not get tired Interestingly enough the gentleman at FitnessDealNews said the same thing. I left the workout feeling great - felt explosive - it’s the only way to describe it.

Perhaps it was just a great day? Well today was leg day (insert ‘bro’ or bruh here)…same concept and this was after being on calls until midnight last night (it’s the end of the quarter and I’m in sales) and up at 6 at it again I was tired…and felt like I had dead legs until I was in the gym…and same thing…my legs would not get tired…

I’ll keep using it but had to post the initial results.

In fairness I have been using Peak Physicor and used IntraCell during both sessions.

Oh and Rogue zip up hoodie/UnderArmour shorts/2XU 3/4/Metcon3’s


Interesting! I like them but stevia tastes are getting better so I need to try their newer flavors.

Been a while since I had used it but the taurine thing was interesting. I don’t think the effects from taurine are INSANE or anything, but it’s to the point of “why not?”

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I would prefer the beta alanine separate from the taurine.

BA is something I like to see kind of micro-dosed, but it almost never is…

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In fairness I have the grape (change of pace in flavors for me) and it is really sour. So I added some Lemon flavoring that I had leftover from Biotest…much much better…still overall and pretty solid supplement.

@Christianmelon I don’t mind the BA tingles…

Well potential absorption issues with high doses and taurine.


That I did not know…

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