Pre-Kaged / TotalWar and others

Pre-Kaged / TotalWar and others

We spend a great deal of time on here discussing the ‘hot new supplement/ingredient’ , while others that have been well thought of or mainstays if you will hardly get mentioned.

Is anyone still utilizing the Pre-Kaged/TotalWar’s of the world?

I ask because I recently saw that Kaged Muscle has partnered with Test Football Academy…

Talk amongst yourselves.

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i often trade with a kaged rep, and really enjoy all their stuff.

redcon1 has nothing i want


I used Pre-Kaged when it first rolled out. Haven’t in a long time. Just ordered some samples of Pre-Kaged as well.


I really like Pre-Kaged. Now that White Flash and Quake are discontinued it’s probably my favorite caffeine-only pre that’s still on the market.


That helps a lot. I’m with you…some of the designer stims just don’t do it for me…

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All Kaged products are under-appreciated. They aren’t super sexy, but they are on the top shelf imo. Except AminoEnergy…that product is a joke…


A joke because it’s under-dosed or because it’s almost 50% filler? :thinking:


still got sample packs of the DMHA total war that I like to use. New stuff ain’t worth it. Never tried Kaged but looks solid


Both! Lol. 1.5g EAA blend, including BCAA? C’mooooon.

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I really haven’t enjoyed anything Redcon. KM has been a hit or miss but some things like Pre-Kaged’s, In-Kaged and Re-Kaged were all good. I love HydraCharge still and still buy it.


^ my masking agent, for horribly flavored preworkouts

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I used a tub of Pre-Kaged once. For some reason, it seemed to really help me through a tough leg workout. I had the krisp apple flavor which I don’t recommend that flavor. It tasted terrible.

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I loved Krisp Apple. Tasted like apple juice instead of apple candy like most other apple flavors.


Oh man, its all I could do to be able to drink it all. I didn’t get much apple taste, mostly like acid…LOL But like I said, it seemed to help me through those tough leg workouts.


I have yet to try Pre-Kaged, I have a sample though that I will get to eventually. The original Total War (DMHA) was one of my favorite PWOs, the new one just dissapointed me and did nothing. I tried to force myself to enjoy REDCON1 products with their military spin, but over time I just stopped using them and honestly am no longer impressed. If we are talking some mainstays these are the products I come back to after some experimenting: Legend, NB Pre, Ghost Size, and IntraBlast. Not much else out there I am truly in love with enough to keep me coming back!

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Great post…

I mentioned Pre-Kaged and TotalWar and could have mentioned others like NutraBio Pre of course. And trust me I’m just as guilty of it - ‘oh look this pre will make my left toe bigger, and I need that for pivoting off the couch on Sundays’

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marketing and being the latest and greatest gets us all…

just look at Oreos now (just an example off the top of my head)… they have to be killing it since they have come out with seasonal and limited edition flavors.


What do the kids say? Do not @ me about Oreos? That is my HOF cookie…I do not go for any of the new recipes nor formulas…I don’t know if the original has DMAA/DMAE/DMHA/FHA or whatever in it…I love me some Oreos.

But you are absolutely correct.

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bro… the carrot cake, lemon, and pistachio flavors are game changers to me.


I loved the “Most Stuff” Oreos. Lots of creme. They were good.