Pre-Kaged SPORT: Built For An Athlete

Originally published at: Pre-Kaged SPORT: Built For An Athlete

Fuel your performance with Pre-Kaged Sport! We often refer to Kaged Muscle as the “athlete’s brand” because all of their supplements are Informed Sport certified, meaning they undergo rigorous testing to ensure there are no banned substances inside. Not every supplement company gets this certification for a number of reasons,… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

I knew you guy’s would have something on this…and if paired with In-Kaged…could be an interesting, low key combo

Just like car companies sometimes use “sport” to denote a cheaper, smaller model, Kaged Muscle is doing the same thing here. Guess it’s no worse than C4 sport but cmon, this isn’t some genius move to fill a void in the market.

Not genius, but it is a business move for sure

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Aha…IF you are weight training here is what you add to Pre-Kaged Sport:

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Buy an under-dosed product then buy more products to make it clinically dosed…Genius!!

Seems like an explanation after the fact which is…interesting.

Use ‘Sport’ before a Sporting event.

Use Sport + Citruline + BCAA + Creatine when you are weight training for said sport OR simply buy Pre-Kaged.