PPK LemonBomb Pump Review

PPK LemonBomb Pump Review

First…thank you to @Adidasshorts for providing this for me to try out.
Second, I was convinced that PPK stood for Punt Pass and Kick (old school reference)

Admittedly, I was a tad nervous going into utilizing this. I value @TheSolution judgment on supplements (don’t tell him) and when he reported a few headaches I thought ‘Ain’t nobody got time for that’…

But…away I went.

I’ve moved off of AX2 due to the amount of volume - I love it, but the volume was a little too much and I really am a fan of Jason Ferruggia and his Renegade Strength Club. Jay has trained a lot of Pro Athletes and has turned his focus on his training to us ‘old guys’ (the over 40 crowd).

Today’s workout:
Warm Up:
1/2 kneeling Bottoms up KB Press
DB Renegade Row
1/2 Kneeling Band Face Pull

KB Racked Step up
Alligator Walk on Hands
DB Clean from Below Knee
Landmine Russian Twist

Mid-morning workout, after an omelet and a bagel (1/2 cup of coffee)

Mixed one scoop in 16 oz of water (I prefer more water to provide hydration)
Holy hell that taste. First, do not drink LemonBomb after brushing your teeth. Very very sour or tart, or whatever that was…strong. Mixed really well, and the water was very yellow.

I’ve been using Kraken Extreme, which I love, but have to tell you that PPK comes on nice but quick Not as quick as C4 Ultimate (which hits hard), but sort of a slow urgency and euphoric feeling. Yeah, that’s it…I just felt good. Mind/Muscle connection right?

Good training session where I just felt really good, very happy. In interest of transparency I did take my Onnit Alpha Brain, one capsule, and Peak Physicor in advance.

Best way to compare/contrast. With Kraken I feel like someone took an air hose and pumped up my muscles prior to working out. With PPK, I just feel really good, happy, strange but the workout was happy. And I wasn’t lacking for strength at all. The only area, and this is small, not as much of a ‘pump’ per se, but man I really like this product. After (I worked out about an hour ago or so) I still feel good, not depleted or anything.

Really good stuff…and for as concerned as I was, I do believe it has earned a scholarship, and is probably top 2 now for me with Kraken.

Really nice work fella’s.


Thank you for getting this up! You seem to respond well to the caffeine and nootropics like most reviewers. Hopefully as you use it, the muscle endurance will kick in. That’s my favorite thing about PPK. I’ll tag along, let me know if you have any questions.


It’s tough to put in words, minus saying the ‘mind/muscle’ connection that I read so much about was there. I just felt good prior to my training and during. Really good stuff. Taking advantage of that 50% of sale right now too.

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That’s awesome man, I love those sales! How has the past few uses been?


Same honestly. Mentally I’m just ready to train. I wouldn’t say the pump is there as much as other products, but that can be a tad over-rated (Dear God I will get killed for saying that) in some cases.

But a really good product.