Post-Workout drink suggestion

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Currently running TotalWar with Inspired Endless Intra and Modern Protein post. Is there a particular Post-Workout drink that you guy’s are fan’s of? Asking for a friend. Thank you

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Your already having whey post. Thats fine. If you don’t want whey go home and have a meal. At the end of the day total calories is what matters most. if you have adequate pre-workout nutrition then there is no need to rush a shake or slam a meal so close to training. Food will be overlapping into the post-workout period. Just go home and have some food because in all reality buying a powder supp is going to be overpriced (like an animal torrent or a carb/protein mixed drink).

Most people have their pre workout meal, or an intra-workout cocktail which is elevating MPS (Muscle Protein Synthesis) the need to have s many BCAA’s or so many meals close and around training would be counter-productive to allowing protein levels to reach their baseline period before spiking them again (as noted in layne Norton’s MPS Powerpoint)

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I personally love Myokem mTor for the time released L-Leucine

Thank you both / as I suspected but wanted to confirm

While calories are king and a post workout shake/meal will spike that MPS, if you are training intensely and want to take something to ensure recovery NutraBio’s Reload is a perfect option. It doesn’t rely on just BCAAs to start recovery.

For the run of the mill gym rat the answers before may be applicable, but I’m not sure how your training is. I know during heavy strength training blocks I require more.

I appreciate that Beef.

I’m in the midst of AthleanX right now - which is pretty intense stuff thus far (and hell I’ve only just begun - that’s a song right?)

Good info here:

Fantastic study on the post-workout anabolic window (and how overhyped it is)

“Despite claims that immediate post-exercise nutritional intake is essential to maximize hypertrophic gains, evidence-based support for such an “anabolic window of opportunity” is far from definitive. The hypothesis is based largely on the pre-supposition that training is carried out in a fasted state. During fasted exercise, a concomitant increase in muscle protein breakdown causes the pre-exercise net negative amino acid balance to persist in the post-exercise period despite training-induced increases in muscle protein synthesis [36]. Thus, in the case of resistance training after an overnight fast, it would make sense to provide immediate nutritional intervention–ideally in the form of a combination of protein and carbohydrate–for the purposes of promoting muscle protein synthesis and reducing proteolysis, thereby switching a net catabolic state into an anabolic one. Over a chronic period, this tactic could conceivably lead cumulatively to an increased rate of gains in muscle mass.”


"he primary takeaway from the research is that you don’t need to worry about slamming a protein shake the moment you finish training. It’s okay to chill out for bit, do what you need to do, and then consume your nutrients.

We estimate that there is approximately a 4 to 6 hour window in and around the workout. The specific timing ultimately depends on when you have a meal prior to training.

Thus, the closer your meal to the training bout, the longer the window following the session. Now there certainly is nothing wrong with consuming nutrients immediately after training. And the limitations of current research leave open the possibility that there may be a small but significant that could be meaningful if your goal is absolute maximization of muscle mass."

Great info. Thank you.

Gaspari SizeOn might be worthwhile for you to check out. 4g of leucine to kickstart MPS and supported by Whey Protein Hydrolysate. But as already stated, you don’t need a post-workout product if you’re already consuming protein afterwards. Choose one or the other in this case.

Whatever protein powder I feel like drinking. Sometimes it’s whole foods as well, usually eggs and grits how Ronnie did it :wink:


The OG Size On Pre-Contest was GOAT for intra-workout.

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Got it!

When my volume/intensity gets high I just require more. I don’t equate it to hypertrophy but just being able to recover. 8 weeks out, My total squat volume yesterday was 7,540lbs before accessory movements. I have to squat again wednesday. lol

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Is that all? Kidding

Loveeeee Athlean-X, great products, although the PWO is a tad too weak for my liking

Thank you Anthony.

The best answer is to do whatever fits his lifestyle. It’s good to get an influx of amino acids post workout to slow catabolism, but it’s not necessary to chug a carb heavy drink (like many people believe).
If all you care about is gaining weight or losing weight, calorie expenditure is what matters most.

If people like to carb back load (like me) and eat 75% of their carbs at night, then that’s great! It doesn’t matter too much. Performance wise, people may benefit from eating various nutrients prior to working out or the meals leading up to a workout. As long as glycogen stores aren’t depleted, it doesn’t matter when we eat carbs. However, if glycogen stores are empty, having a quality workout will be tougher - and in such instances, preworkout carbs could help fuel the workout.

I do like to try to spike insulin post workout while in a gaining phase - but protein can spike insulin on its own. So my advise is if your friend would rather eat more carbs/protein rather than drink them, then a quality protein shake will be just fine afterwards a workout. : )


Thank you Matt.

You bet brother.

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