Pistachio Delight Classic Whey Extends NutraBio's Ice Cream Parlor Series!

Originally published at: Pistachio Delight Classic Whey Extends NutraBio’s Ice Cream Parlor Series!

Pistachio Delight Classic Whey tastes like it came straight from the ice cream shop! 2019 was full of new products and flavors from NutraBio! We thought the trend would slow down, but it turns out they just keep on rolling. NutraBio has always been known for having the most transparent… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

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Loving the forest @Mike reviews with his price plow gear. Is this flavor based on American pistachio ice cream or Italian?


The Italian in me would also like to know this!

inb4 Brawn says they FAILLEDDDDD


If it doesn’t have sarms - it won’t be @Brawn approved. ; )

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Or if Tony Huge didn’t create it lol

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You and the PricePlow gear topic lol

I’m waiting on YouTube to approve our TeeSpring and then we’ll ahve gear available for everyone

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Thanks!! I honestly don’t know, but I’m going to say it’s not fully American because it’s not bombed-out-sweet. I wolfed that oatmeal down after dinner and it was awesome.

The colder the better on this one. Shoulda put like 4 ice cubes in there.

I always like to add here that Michael lived a lot of his life in Peru so most of his flavors are not ‘american’

Making ‘birthday cake’ or ‘cherry limeade’ was always a lot of fun because he had different taste buds.

Many times this created really interesting different flavors.

What? I’m just saying he looks legit :joy::joy:. Now we got tees coming, I’m helping lol

This and Mike’s feedback leads me to believe its closer to the Italian version. US pistachio ice cream is actually mostly almond.

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Lol didn’t you bring up me not wearing much gear the other day? someone did. Working on getting these pieces available for everyone too though

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@Extrabeef and @Matt_Towson

It was a long day at work and reading this made me laugh and smile. I needed that. I may not love NutraBio but I love all of you here at Price Plow. Even if NutraBio could make a good tasting protein, I wouldn’t want this flavor. I like pistachios but I don’t pistachio flavored stuff.


Pistachio gelato in Italy. It’s simply the best.


I would be willing to try it.


Same here. I’d love to grab a sample and provide feedback.

can’t wait to try it as protein ice cream

Agreed. My nane (grandma lol) was italian and she used to make it for the grandkids all the time. Loved it

@Kon_Rock are you guys making sample packs for this one?

We will be…should be a week or two!


I’m all over that! Bought a pistachio gelato at Central Market last night, after the conversation about this flavor.