Phosphatidic Acid – The Next Great Muscle Builder?!

There’s a new, all-natural ingredient that is making waves in the bodybuilding world and it could be a very big deal! Yes, we’re bamboozled with countless new products each and every year that promise unreal muscle gains but are really nothing but hyperbole. The researchers at Chemi Nutra (A subsidiary …
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any concerns for Natural Food Fearn Lecithin granules "produces" company getting slapped with FDA inspection?

Wow, very nice find! If they're still producing it, we'd have to hope they've fixed the issues by now. Had no clue though. I guess try to stay away from batches from 2012 and earlier!

Any news on Phosphatidic Acid? Tigerfitness just did a video about a product they sell, was wondering if anything else happened in the world of PA.

Nothing too new... we've just made Fearn Lecithin granules a daily thing. If you're cutting, then those PA supplements are cool, otherwise, for anyone wishing to grow, why not save the money and just add the extra fats