Phil Heath returns to the Olympia

I don’t know how many of you are also bodybuilding fans in addition to supplementation… but this is exciting for us! How do you think it will play out?


Very excited for this. Not a huge fan of him as a person, but I suspect he’ll win if he can capture his form from 2-3 years ago. He just always comes in ready (except for his last showing).

I hope choopin and Bonac can get over here amid the travel issues. Betting Flex makes top 5 based off name alone.

Also curious to see what happens if Rhoden competes. Kai with a special invite? So many possibilities - but so much uncertainty.


completely agree, as a person I don’t really like him either but would love to see him and Kai go head to head for sure…in terms of Rhoden do you know if they’ve given him eligibility again? I know because of his legal stuff he wasn’t but I haven’t followed up on that in awhile

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@Matt_Towson @devoneisenberger definitely a lot of uncertainties. Rhoden & Kai (big what if) would be huge this year especially if all international competitors get the shaft. A lot to develop before December!

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Personally think he won’t finish in the top 3. Just my opinion. But great to get the hype up.

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If he fixed his gut from two years, he would have destroyed everyone in stage last year.


@TRusso interesting! Who are you thinking then? Curry? No Bonac, Hadi, or Roelly is going to be interesting if pandemic still in full effect.

@Matt_Towson damn right!

Yah. My money is on him this year. I’d be awesome if Roden could come back. Make an interesting storyline for sure.

With the news that international athletes have found out a way to come to the U.S. for the Olympia… dis gon b gud. :sunglasses: