Phenta 1,3 Supplement

Phenta 1,3 Supplement

strong text Hi there. I just got Phenta 1,3 it was recommended at the supplement store at the gym. I cant find many many testimonials on it so I thought I would try posting here. I have never taken a fat burner before. So I didn’t know what to expect. The ingredients are:

Caffeine Anhydrous 350
1,3 Diethylamylamine 80
Synephrine HCL 100
Hordenine 45

I have had some yogurt this morning, I don’t drink caffeine normally so I didn’t know if I should maybe just take half of it right now instead of a full dose and then work my way up for there.

I am looking for reviews, your results, and side effects basically what can I expect will it make my jittery and give me a headache?

I am 30 years old female and 180lbs got sick from an illness and could move for so long and now am needing to loose about 60 lbs.

Thank you!


If you take that full serving at once, it’ll hit HARD. That’s a lot of caffeine, and 1,3 is also pretty strong too. Unless you’re a stimulant veteran, which it sounds like you are not, I’d start with half a scoop at most, maybe even less the first time TBH. There’s a LOT of stimulants there, and it’s honestly just a stimulant bomb, not actually a really good fat burner IMO. I’d recommend EC/ECA (ephedrine, caffeine, aspirin) over this in all honesty, as it’s a well-researched combo for weight loss, with an established and favorable safety profile.

As for what to expect from the product you have, if you took a full serving, I’d expect to have a lot of energy, but it may be “dirty/harsh,” which could make you jittery/anxious. It’s a heavy dose of stimulants.

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Basically what he said is spot on, definitely be wary.

Not too many places carry that product, I haven’t heard about it in awhile. Personally I wouldn’t use it yet if I were you, because I do believe they’re capsules, assuming it’s the ones they sell at Albany Strength. With a single cap being one serving, you can’t really split it

Now that you mention it, that profile does look like it’d make sense as a capped product as opposed to a powdered one, so yeah, definitely don’t use a full serving to start out. Maybe just save it for if/when your stimulant tolerance is higher in the future.

OP, what country are you in? If the US or Canada, I’d recommend the EC/ECA stack for weight loss.