PEScience TruNeuro: The "Forever" Nootropic for Generation X

Originally published at: PEScience TruNeuro: The “Forever” Nootropic for Generation X

Do you find that aging hasn’t been kind to your brain? PEScience answered your plea for help with a new product in its “Tru” Line, TruNeuro, but its only here for a limited time (unless all of us Gen-X’ers and Boomers buy it up like crazy!) PEScience targets their needs… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Amazing the number of Nootropic supplements in the marketplace today.

Massively growing market, especially in an era where we’re continually poisoning ourselves and our brains beyond belief and coffee no longer fixes the problem.


I do appreciate the focus on us older guys

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I remind suspicious about magtein. So far only 2 forms have been tested, and the other one is a mid grade form.

But the product overall looks great. Though it will likely cost a few organs to get.