PEScience Smart Mass Review


I just want to say I have been enjoying all of your reviews lately. Really good. Plus working 3rd shift, they keep me entertained and pass the night. Thanks for the work.


Amen! I watch them on break at work or afterwards and they always lift my spirits if I’m dragging a bit @Mike

Thanks @Brawn and @Nappy_Nerd!!!

Honestly I always wonder why people watch such long reviews. I always want to make them shorter but hell, I have a lot to say, and I’ve been learning so much myself, I love to share it.


We appreciate the time! We aren’t all about that instant gratification crap when it comes to info. We want the full story :sunglasses:

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Part two of this ‘review’ now published:

This is more of the ranting/theory behind it, no sources cited or anything though!

how did you stomach handle the Pea Starch? @Mike

excellent usage of R Kelly as well.

Not a single issue. It works exactly as advertised as far as I’m concerned. Just the vanilla flavor didn’t overpower its flavor.

LOL that was Brad the video editor. Flew over my head :stuck_out_tongue: