PEScience Select Smart Mass: Build Lean Mass the Smart Way

PEScience Select Smart Mass: Build Lean Mass the Smart Way

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PEScience is the brand well-known for their top-notch protein powder blend, Select Protein. That protein took on a life of its own, with incredible flavors, a Cafe series, a version meant for your oatmeal (Protein4Oats), Select Protein Bars, and even a Vegan Select version! PEScience used to be “PES”, which… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Interesting that on their protein, they specifically list WPC-80 in the ingredients list but this product only lists WPC. Did they use a lower quality WPC for this?


Looking at the amount of fat per serving, it can’t be much less concentrated really. Good observation though for sure.

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Good point.

Just seems kind of odd that they would change their labeling strategy when the protein blend is something they are known for and like to market.


It is the exact same protein as Select Protein. We will add the 80% call out on the next print run so there aren’t any conspiracies. We assumed since it was an extension of Select that people would know it used the same blend. Like MUC said above, if it were a lower quality we wouldn’t be able to hit the macros we did.

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Thank you for the reply and information.

Is it the same quality of blend since the WPC is listed first in the Mass product while the Select protein has the MPI listed first in the ingredients.

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This is also my bad, I meant to ask you this in email before the article and could have prevented it.

From what I hear, some brands fear putting “Whey Protein Concentrate 80%” on the nutrition facts since “Whey Protein Concentrate” is truly the legal name… but then usually do put WPC-80 or 80% elsewhere on the marketing portion of the label. I assume that’s where you’re going to go with it.

Will update the post.

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Pretty decent formula, It looks like a good intraworkout at a half serving, which is how I would suggest one use it.

Mass gainers are a weird market just due to how the price efficiency works.

Side note but i do wonder if you could make a greens powder that was more efficient then buying vegetables at the super market. I am curious how much vegetable goes into a scoop of the powders.


Why would you want a blend intra-workout? Wouldn’t that be the only time you’d actually want an isolate/hydroslate or isolated amino acids? Seems like it’d be pretty heavy for an intra-workout too.